Mum shares snap of son being delivered by doctor who delivered her 20 years ago

A woman has gone viral with a heartwarming post revealing how the same doctor who helped deliver her as a baby also delivered her son 25 years later.

Lauren Cortez, 25, from San Antonio, Texas, and her partner Peter Cortez, 25, who is a San Antonio firefighter, welcomed their son Logan in July this year.

The speech-language pathologist said she decided to have the same man, Dr. Bryan Cox, who delivered her in 1995, to also help deliver her son over two decades later.

Lauren shared adorable side-by-side snaps on Twitter of both herself as a newborn baby being held by Dr. Cox and her newborn son also being held by him and the post quickly amassed over 700k likes.

‘My mum always told me that she had the best obstetrician-gynecologist in town and she always encouraged me to start seeing him when my husband and I began trying to start a family,’ Lauren explained.

‘My mum always described Dr. Cox as caring, passionate about his job, and just an all-around great guy who always makes you feel like a friend more than just another patient.

‘I found this all to be very true as Dr. Cox showed interest in our lifestyle and family rather than just focused on the baby alone.

‘He really makes that connection with the family and I love that about him and why I knew without a doubt I wanted him to bring our baby into this world.’

Lauren had a natural delivery and welcomed her son Logan, who weighed 6lb 1oz and is healthy and happy.

However, giving birth amid the coronavirus pandemic didn’t come without its difficulties.

Lauren added: ‘I had to go through a two-hour labour and delivery fully masked which made my first-time experience very interesting.

‘The delivery was very smooth but everyone had to take the necessary precaution of wearing a mask the entire hospital stay. That’s something I’ll never forget.’

Lauren said her own mum was also unable to be at the hospital during the delivery due to coronavirus limitations.

Speaking of her reaction to the post going viral, Lauren said it was very unexpected.

‘Originally I shared this to Instagram for family and friends who understood that “our” baby meant my husband and me but on Twitter, it got so easily confused for “our” baby meaning me and my doctor.

‘My husband and I, our doctor and his wife really got a good laugh out of those comments though!’

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