Mum of UKs biggest family Sue Radford shares holiday packing hacks for 22 kids

The mum of the UK's biggest family has revealed her handy tricks for packing clothes in a suitcase.

Sue Radford has 22 children which as you can imagine can get very tiring to plan holidays with.

Now in a recent YouTube video, the mum shared some tips after returning from a Radford family holiday to Florida.

She said: "Good morning everyone and welcome to our packing vlog. So many people said 'please film it, we love packing vlogs'."

The parent used packing bags from Amazon as she added: "Loads of people ask me on Instagram about these.

"They are absolutely amazing. I got mine from Amazon. You can get bigger ones like this."

Sue added: "I put things like hair bobbles, clips, sunglasses in."

To ensure luggage isn't left behind, Sue revealed she separates some of the items into different suitcases.

She does that so if bags get lost, each person has at least something to wear.

The mum explained how often she worries about some luggage getting left behind when she travels with her family.

She continued: "So what I do is separate it into different suitcases so if they do lose a suitcase, everybody has always got something.

"Some of the swimming costumes are in one bag, some are in different suitcases, and then same with the kids' clothing."

After sharing some of her tricks, Sue said her Disney-themed black bags were a bargain.

Often transportation can be an issue for the huge family, but the parent manages it by hiring two vehicles.

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Dad Noel said in the vlog: "We've got a 15-seating minibus, which Sue is driving.

"And then over here we thought we'd hire a pick-up truck so we could just chuck all the cases in the back."

Sue revealed only 15 of the family made the trip for the holiday which included 13 kids.

The family visited Disney and Universal theme parks on their recent trip away.

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