Mum creates toy kitchen for £30 to keep her daughter entertained during lockdown

If there’s ever been a good time to tackle a DIY project, it’s now. What else are we going to do when we’re cooped up indoors thanks to the coronavirus lockdown?

In need of some inspo? Look to Loren Armstrong, 27, who created a snazzy toy kitchen for her daughter for just £30.

Like many parents, Loren, from Kent, is self-isolating at home with her daughter, two.

To keep little Olivia entertained during lockdown, Loren wanted to get her daughter a toy kitchen – but of course the shops are now closed.

Unable to find a budget-friendly option online, Loren decided she’d do a DIY job.

A search online gave her the idea to repurpose an old unit she planned to throw out, using other bits and bobs from the house and bought cheaply from supermarkets to turn it into a pretty pink kitchen.

Loren, who works in retail, told money-saving community ‘I wanted to get my daughter a kitchen for her birthday.

‘I went to throw out an old unit but then decided it would be a waste as there wasn’t much wrong with it.

‘I then looked on Pinterest to see what I could do with it, when I came across the kitchen idea.

‘I already had the white paint, tools, glue and sandpaper. I bought tester pots of pink paint from B&Q.

‘I took sample wallpaper for free for the tiles.

‘The sink bowl and accessories were from IKEA and the tap was made from a p-trap from the plumbing department which I sprayed with silver paint.

‘The oven door I sprayed with paint and used black gloss DC-fix to make the hob and glass effect on the door.

‘I sanded the unit, and then painted and attached all the wallpaper and accessories.’

Loren says she spent just £30 in total and is overjoyed with the end result. Olivia loves her mini kitchen, too.

To other people keen to do a low-cost DIY project during lockdown, Loren has these words of advice: ‘My main tips would be to use Pinterest, look round for things you have already in the house.

‘Not only is it better recycling rather than buying new, but the fact that this was made instead of just taken from a shop is more thoughtful.

‘I want to teach my daughter that the small things people do are much more valuable than a big expensive gift.’

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