Mum asks for Sesame Street-themed cake – but end result leaves her fuming

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    A mum was left fuming when she picked up her son's birthday cake – to find it was nothing like she expected.

    Katelynn Ross, from the US, went to Costco and ordered a Sesame Street-themed cake for her son Teddy's second birthday.

    She had given a piece of paper with instructions and a drawing to help the decorators to visualise it.

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    "Tonight I went to pick up my son's second birthday cake from Costco and I got a blank cake instead," she said in a voice-over post.

    "Of course no decorators work in the evening, which was when I came to pick this up, so no one there knows why it was blank.

    "The best I assume was because it's a Sesame Street-themed birthday cake but I know they can't do licensed things so all I asked for was a little street sign."

    She attached the paper showing the instructions of the recreation and asking to have her son's name, Teddy, written in a green and yellow "street sign".

    On top of that, she wanted "Happy Birthday" written across the sign and the blank space filled with "ABC" and "123".

    "I guess maybe because of the sign, they wouldn't do any of it," Katelynn continued.

    "The person there gave me a couple colours to take home and the manager offered $5 (£4) off for this inconvenience, which I didn't even bother finding him when we checked out.

    "I don't like my handwriting, I've done cake stuff in the past so this was the best I can do.

    "What confuses me the most is why they wouldn't do the bare minimum — at least 'happy birthday', 'Teddy' and the border colours.

    "They just left it white, blank instead."

    The baffled mum said the experience left her disappointed and she vowed to never buy a custom cake from Costco.

    But some viewers commented that the wholesale supermarket doesn't offer custom cake service.

    One wrote: "They really said 'do it yourself'."

    "You did a great job, anything for the little ones!" a second penned.


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