Mother-in-law has banned me from her house after finding my angry messages – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY mother-in-law found angry messages on my phone about her and now my marriage is in crisis.

Her phone broke and my husband gave her my old one.

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I thought he had re-set the phone and removed all the messages but my mother-in-law read messages between me and my mum when I was upset over her always wanting my husband to be at her beck and call.

I’m 29 and he’s 33. She’s 63.

His mum banned me from her house and my husband is staying with his parents for the lockdown.

Our marriage has always been bumpy as he’s so close to his mum and I always suspected she wanted to break up our marriage.

I am worried she is putting nasty things in his head about me but I don’t know whether I can face fighting with his mother and family any longer.

DEIDRE SAYS: Maybe she would resent anyone her son loves but the answer lies with him.

Tell him that you love him as a husband but your marriage can’t survive if he keeps putting his mother first.

Say you want him to come home when the lockdown is over but only if he can put boundaries in place for his mum.

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