Morrisons shopper reveals exactly what’s inside £35 essential food box – full list here

The coronavirus pandemic has meant Britons are being urged to stay indoors as much as possible. Morrisons has launched £35 food boxes for those who can’t shop in stores – what do you get?


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The government has asked people to stay indoors as much as possible as the coronavirus crisis carries on.

Britons are only able to leave their homes in a small number of exceptional cases which includes essential trips to the supermarket.

While supermarkets are still open, some have been left with empty shelves with many items have been in high demand.

The supermarket chain, Morrisons, introduced food boxes that are available for delivery.

What is a Morrisons food box?

The boxes consist of £30 worth of essential items and cost £35, including delivery by courier.

Shoppers can choose between the Vegetarian Food Box and the Meat Eaters Food Box.

The Morrisons website said: “Our boxes include a selection of everyday items based on our current availability for you and your family, including food and essential household goods.”

The boxes can be purchased online where shoppers select their preferred date and delivery slot.

What is in the food box?

The boxes on offer are full of essential items for those staying at home.

However, shoppers hoping to get their hands on the product can not choose exactly what will be in their box.

One woman ordered the Meat Eater Food Box online in order to see what was inside.

Writing for Stoke on Trent Live, she penned: “I ordered a food box online during my lunch break and it was delivered to my home at lunchtime the following day.

“The box contained a thank you note from Morrisons and was divided in chilled and non-chilled sections, with ice packs and wool packaging to keep the chilled food cold.”

The shopper received a generous selection of food items and essential household products.


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The box included:

A loaf of Morrisons medium white sliced bread

A tub of Morrisons tomato and basil pasta sauce

A tin of Branston baked beans

A can of Morrisons tomato soup

A can of Morrisons vegetable soup

A bottle of Cravendale extended-life milk

A packet of Morrisons long grain rice

A pack of Morrisons unsalted butter

10 rashers of Morrisons unsmoked back bacon

A pack of steak mince

Three large onions

A pack of carrots

Six Morrisons The Best sausages

Three large peppers

A Pack of Cathedral City mature cheddar

A pack of chicken breast fillets

A head of broccoli

Four slices of cooked ham

A pack of Savers penne pasta

A bag of new potatoes

Four shea butter toilet rolls

Two kitchen towel rolls

The contents of the box will vary depending on the order.

However, it could be the answer for shoppers who are struggling to get hold of essential items in store.

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