MJ lookalike sparks bonkers claims singer is ‘alive’ with uncanny appearance

A Michael Jackson impersonator has gone viral after his uncanny resemblance to the King of Pop sparked yet more outlandish claims he is still alive.

The Thriller singer died at his home in Los Angeles in 2009 but some of his devoted followers bizarrely maintain he still walks among us.

They often point to “identical” lookalikes – from Sergio Cortes to Michael Jackton – as rather unconvincing “proof” of the conspiracy.

And another tribute act has now found himself under the scrutiny of believers in the theory after his innocent video was seen more than 60 million times.

Fabio Jackson has attracted more than 2.8 million followers on TikTok and thousands more on Instagram thanks to his similarity to Jacko.

One of his most popular videos, posted on March 15, sees him posing in front of the camera before dancing to Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust.

It wasn’t his moves that grabbed viewers’ attention though.

Thousands of comments flooded the post from fans who questioned whether Fabio was the man himself.

“Omg, is that you MJ?” one asked, while another questioned: “King of Pop is alive?”

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  • A third was more assured, saying: “I knew you were alive.”

    While a fourth agreed, adding: “Aye, the conspiracy is true. He is alive”

    As he was growing up, Fabio was told how much he looked like MJ and decided to embrace it.

    The 27-year-old, from Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, is now a Jacko super-fan and accentuates his appearance with the use of makeup and contouring.

    It comes after a body language expert claimed one moment in the singer’s iconic interview with Martin Bashir “gave away” the truth about his skin color.

    Michael often claimed his skin was whitened as a result of suffering from vitiligo, but speculation was rife that it was also bleached.

    Earlier this month also marked 21 years since Michael paid a surprise visit to Fulham football club.

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