Mike Francesa blames Funhouse shutdown on Entercom bosses

Mike Francesa is passing the buck, distancing himself from what went down in his feud with the popular anonymous Twitter user Funhouse.

During a rare series of Twitter interactions on Saturday, Francesa said the decision to ban Funhouse from using his content came from Entercom, WFAN’s parent company.

“I did nothing to funhouse,” the sports-talk radio icon wrote in response to one comment. “This was an Entercom decision. They own my content.”

This came to a head after Funhouse posted video Tuesday of Francesa blasting President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and the clip went viral. On Thursday, during his half-hour show, Francesa expressed his displeasure with the situation and said Entercom was taking legal steps to prevent social media accounts from posting clips of the show. Funhouse responded by asking his followers to unfollow Francesa, and roughly 3,000 did.

“The unknown, obsessive nut who can no longer abuse my audio,” Francesa tweeted, continuing the feud. “Is asking people to unfollow me. It may be time to reveal his identity.

“Seems he can’t live without the audio and video.”

Funhouse tweeted that he would comply with the order not to post any more of Francesa’s clips.

“Nobody seemed to believe me when I kept saying how God-awful his show has been for the last 18 months or so. But people still wanted clips, so …” Funhouse tweeted. “Not having to listen anymore is a blessing.”

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