Men twice as likely to break into sweat if they fancy member of opposite sex

Men are twice as likely than women to break into a sweat if they fancy a member of the opposite sex, according to a new survey. And it’s generally the men up north, in chillier areas, who tend to feel the most heat, according to findings by leading men’s care range Rock Face.

Almost one in five, (17 percent) in Edinburgh admit they get hot under the collar at the sight of an attractive stranger.

Manchester came a close second with 15 percent confessing their fiery passion in the presence of a dazzler, followed by Nottingham in third place at 14 percent.

Only Scousers know how to keep their cool, with just three percent in Liverpool claiming a hottie would give them the sweats.

Down south it’s a little frostier, according to findings, with one in ten Londoners saying they would lose it compared to seven percent in Southampton.

Rock Face CEO James Wilkinson said: “It’s supposed to be cooler up north, but these findings say otherwise.

“Clearly northerners know what fans the flames of lust compared to the south.”

Overall, it’s nerve-wracking job interviews that break the nation into the biggest sweat with 38 percent feeling the heat, revealed the survey which quizzed 2,000 UK residents.

Being in trouble with the law, came in a close second at 34 percent – one percent higher than having money troubles at 33 – figures which reflect the current financial landscape.

Mr Wilkinson added: “Whatever breaks men into a sweat, Rock Face has got them covered.

“We appreciate that now more than ever, men are living busier hectic lives – but they don’t need to sweat it.

“We’ve got their back with our range of aftershave quality scents packed into men’s every essential.”

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It comes as more than a third of Britons say being told they had bad body odour would embarrass them more than being told they were no good in bed.

A hefty 38 percent of the nation would be mortified if someone said they were whiffy, according to new survey stats.

Even leaking after a wee wasn’t considered as shameful as reeking, revealed the study also by men’s personal care range Rock Face who commissioned the survey.

Unfortunate patches in the nether regions were the second most embarrassing blunder with one of six (15 percent) admitting it would send their heads west.

Whereas being classed as a second-rate lover would be a blow to 13 percent of the nation who say they would never live it down.

Jointly in third place, the study highlighted the plight of people with sweaty underarms – being the pits for 13 percent of Brits.

And just over one in 20 (six percent) reckon something stuck in their teeth would be a mishap they’d find hard to get over.

Meanwhile, 40 percent of women cited that a man who smelt bad would be the biggest turn-off followed by men who talk about themselves and had bad teeth.

James Wilkinson, CEO at Rock Face who commissioned the survey which quizzed 2,000 men and women, said: “A great scent is important to the nation, nobody wants to hear otherwise. Luckily, we have that covered.

“At Rock Face we understand men have busy lives, and what matters to them is smelling great.

“It’s one less worry for our customers – we’ve got their back with our range of aftershave quality scents packed into men’s every essential. Women know what they want in men and a great scent is so important – make keeping the women in your life happy the easiest part.”

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