Men Behaving Badly could never return to TV as it was too rude, says star

Martin Clunes has said that the famous 90's show Men Behaving Badly couldn't return to TV because it was too rude.

The laddish comedy followed Gary Strang (Martin Clunes) and Tony Smart (Neil Morrissey), two immature London-based house-mates and best-friends in their early thirties, who spend the majority of their time together drinking, watching TV and pursuing women.

In an interview with Saga Magazine Martin he was asked if there would be another series and Martin said: "God, no. Not these days. I mean, we talked about things like Kylie Minogue’s buttocks and compared them to a racehorse’s."

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Martin is in the middle of filming for the 10th and final series of ITV drama Doc Martin.

Martin stars as the show’s lead, grouchy Dr Martin Ellingham.

The star explained how you couldn't get a TV show like Doc Martin commissioned nowadays either.

He continued: ‘But neither could you get a show like Doc Martin commissioned now."

In the past Neil Morrissey has said that he would be keen to bring back Men Behaving Badly for a new series – but fears the BBC show wouldn’t be “woke” enough.

Neil admits the cast would have “fun” trying to make a new series.

But he believes the only way it would be accepted on TV nowadays is if his character Tony became “completely woke” and had the occasional “lapse” when getting drunk with Gary.

When asked if he thinks Men Behaving Badly could return one day, Neil said: “Well, with everything we do it’s all about script.

“If Simon [Nye] writes something marvellous, which of course he would want paying for, we’d obviously have a look at it.

“I don’t know if we could make that programme again now though, it’s not woke enough is it?

“Putting ladies underpants on my head and things like that. I guess Leslie was objectified a bit by my character."

However, the star explained how he was unsure if the show would work for a modern audience.

He continued: “But that was the point of it, that we were really rubbish, and they were really cool and smart.

“That’s what the premise for the whole programme was – that we were a couple of misogynist idiots who couldn’t keep a job, let alone a girlfriend.

“I don’t know if it would work [now], but it would be fun trying.

“The way to do it would be to have the wokeness involved in it, in that Tony has become completely woke and will not do anything wrong and is so PC it’s unbelievable."


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