Meghan Markle's Next Projects Include Cookbook, Blog and Kitchenware Line, Says Source

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is known for being a “people person,” which makes the career of being a royal much more isolating than what she obviously preferred. Now that she and Prince Harry have stepped aside as official royals, her life has shifted back to somewhat like it was before.

Even though it seems Prince Harry and Meghan are nomads lately, Meghan is reportedly already making plans to do some things connecting with people again. Part of this will involve reviving one thing she once had online and previously forced to shut down. Also, she may be creating a product line, proving definitively Meghan is no longer a “senior royal.”

The stigma of being a “senior royal” for Prince Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry was reportedly the one who orchestrated removing his and Meghan’s senior royal titles, a designation one might snicker at anyway considering their ages. The royal couple is reportedly very happy they managed to remove themselves from the clutches of the British press. It gives an opportunity for not only Prince Harry and Meghan to find peace, but also a more normal upbringing for Baby Archie.

Cutting ties with the royals meant finding some inroads to earning their own income as well. Because Meghan loves linking with the public, starting new endeavors with the potential to connect with consumerism and people was no surprise.

As US Weekly reported recently from inside sources, Meghan’s top priority is continuing with their charity work. The couple reportedly has quite a few philanthropic ideas in the works. Although the real news is Meghan’s pursuance of things that could generate millions of dollars for her and the family.

One of those is going to be writing a follow-up to her previous cookbook called Together: Our Community Cookbook. What this will entail is unknown, unless it celebrates the food of Canada or LA, where they now live.

Meghan may resume her blog called The Tig

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Earlier this week The Duchess of Sussex, in her role as Patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), met with the bright minds from across the Commonwealth to hear about their commitment to tackling the global challenges we all face. The Duchess spoke with Scholars studying and researching important areas surrounding; cleaning up plastic pollution in our oceans, helping to build more sustainable cities, improving health outcomes for citizens, and supporting decent work and economic growth. Paving the way as the next generation of leaders, these inspirational scholars, are spread far across the Commonwealth from Malawi to Malaysia, Ghana to Sri Lanka – all of whom will use the skills and knowledge they gain while studying in the UK to make a difference when they return to their home countries. The Duchess, who also attended university with support of a scholarship, is a strong advocate of accessible education for all. As the Royal Patron of The Association of Commonwealth Universities (@The_ACU_Official) since January 2019, The Duchess has met and engaged with students, academics, and staff from ACU member universities across the Commonwealth to learn more about the vital work they do to address global challenges. As President and Vice President of The @Queens_Commonwealth_Trust, The Duke and Duchess thank all those who are working to give access to education for all.

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Many will remember back to when Meghan had to shut down her old blog, The Tig, because royal protocol demanded it. Doing so was just one part of the isolation becoming a royal requires.

A number of Meghan’s fans later found the blog on and managed to post some of her essays. One talked about “Being Enough” where she analyzed her early 20s and realized she could just be herself. It was an insightful examination of self-care, which was the blog’s overarching theme.

Reports are she may bring The Tig back into existence, presumably as a self-care blog again. Of course, the public may be able to leave comments when she posts new blogs. Even though Prince Harry and Meghan already connect with the public at times on their Instagram account, Meghan being able to do further on her blog would make it more personal.

Talk about an easy monetization process for a blog. If she monetizes The Tig, no doubt it would generate millions of dollars in a short time.

Meghan will also put out cookware

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Earlier this week, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex returned to visit the women of The Hubb Community Kitchen and “Together, Our Community Cookbook.” These women came together in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy to cook meals for their families and neighbours who had been displaced from the fire. With funds from the successful cookbook, they have now been able to share their spirit of community with so many more. The Hubb continues to work with local organisations to build hope, bring comfort and provide not simply a warm meal, but with it, a sense of togetherness. The Duke and Duchess were so happy to reconnect with the women and hear about the projects they continue to develop to help those in their community and beyond. Image © SussexRoyal

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According to the above US Magazine report, Meghan will also design and release cookware into the marketplace. Otherwise known as “kitchenware,” it’s not hard to imagine Meghan becoming almost like another Martha Stewart.

Her first cookbook compiled recipes from women of families who lived in Grenfell Tower that tragically burned in West London. Perhaps her kitchenware will connect to something charitable in creating food celebrating solidarity as in the first book.

The product plan sounds grounded since Meghan and Prince Harry perhaps cook their own meals nowadays. Being removed from having royal chefs prepare everything they eat emphasizes their personal freedom.

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