Man with Worlds Stretchiest Skin can pull neck and eyelids away from his body

A man who holds a Guinness World Record for his stretchy skin can move it away from his neck, face and even pull at his eyelids.

Garry Turner, the fella with the stretchiest skin in the world, is able to maneuver his skin due to a rare medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

The disorder is a condition of the connective tissues affecting the skin, internal organs, and ligaments in the body.

Garry is able to stretch his skin on his stomach out 15.8cm due to his odd talent.

The collagen which strengthens the skin and determines its elasticity becomes defective, meaning his skin is looser as well as joints having 'hypermobility'.

In other serious cases, the disorder can cause the fatal collapse or rupture of blood vessels.

When asked whether other parts of his skin can stretch he explained areas with the most works best.

He said: "Anywhere that has plenty of skin is best – tummy, neck, arms, etc. Areas not so stretchy are hands and feet.

"Stretching doesn't hurt at all. However, other aspects of the syndrome are very painful, e.g. joints."

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He added: "I have always known that my skin was different – as a small child my uncles used to have fun showing their friends."

When asked if it hurts to move his skin, he replied: "Stretching doesn't hurt at all. However, other aspects of the syndrome are very painful, e.g. joints."

Garry won the record back in 1999 and has stayed at the top over the past 20 years.

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Dubbed 'The Elastic Man', he is able to stretch the skin on his stomach and chest so far that his nipple appears to move away from his body.

Although his feet and hands are not elastic as there isn't enough skin in those places.

Garry, from the UK, was diagnosed with the condition when he was a teenager at the age of 13.

Born in 1971, he turned 50 last year and grew up knowing he had unique skin.

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As a sideshow performer, he didn't always use his condition for his work or fame and played football.

He resigned from a construction company job because of his illness.

He experienced bleeding and bruises that took a long time to heal, or in some cases, they worsened due to the disorder.

Garry also appeared in the 2014 movie, He Took His Skin Off for Me, a "twisted" modern-day fairytale about a man who took off his skin for his girlfriend.

He joined the Circus of Horrors team in 2005, a touring show which was home for various people with medical conditions and talents.

Speaking about joining the circus, he said: "I feel that it is my choice, and that feeling of making a thousand people laugh at the same time is a great feeling. So, for that reason alone, I love the stage. … I don't want people to feel any sorrow for me in any kind of way."

Instead, he felt the sting of ridicule when his rare case was being diagnosed and doctors from across the UK came to see him.

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He told ABC News : "If you … look at your own skin cells under a microscope, they'd be nice and round and lock in many places. … But my skin cells tend to be more jagged, and don't fit together quite so well.

"The best way to describe it is I'm built rather like a badly woven basket if you can imagine that, which will pull apart."

He went on to explain although it may appear he has thick skin, it's actually paper-thin.

He also auditioned for Britain's Got Talent back in 2011.

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