Man urged to dump wife after she savagely pranked him twice with pregnancy joke

A man has been accused of "ruining" his wife's pregnancy announcement after her prank backfired.

The anonymous man told how he and his wife had been trying to conceive for the last nine months with no luck.

He feared there would be a problem with preventing them from having a child so they went to seek medical advice.

Fortunately there were no alarm bells and the doctors just told them to be patient.

But now the man, 30, revealed how his 26-year-old partner had pranked him twice saying she was pregnant – when she wasn't.

It got so out of hand that the husband even came home with stuff to celebrate the news only to find out it was a lie.

Meanwhile, the second prank took things a little bit too far as she recorded his reaction and showed her family.

He wrote on Reddit: "Last night we were at my parent's house sitting having dinner when she said she had a gift for me.

"She had my sister go bring a small teddy bear with a note on it and gave it to me.

"I was nervous and worried about her pulling some of her pranks on me in front of my family.

"I read the note that the teddy bear had and it said that I was going to be a daddy."

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He added: "I looked at my wife and she smiled at me and congratulated me saying she was pregnant. I saw red completely.

"I said that's it! I got up from my seat and tossed the piece of paper on the table and just snapped telling her to stop making fun of something so serious and sensitive.

"I told her I was done with her lack of respect and sympathy for the most important thing that I've been struggling with and to include my parents in her prank too was low.

"My wife excused herself to the bathroom."

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His mum and dad, who were unaware of what was happening, were stunned by his reaction.

The man said: "My sister said my wife was actually pregnant and just confirmed by tests that she's seen with her own eyes.

"I felt both happy and devastated because I thought she was pulling the same prank again and I got fed up with it.

"My wife was mad and argued with me in the car saying I ruined her joy and made her look awful in front of my family as well as lashing out at her as my reaction to the happy news."

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Since his reaction, the man told how his wife has been giving him the cold shoulder and claiming that he "ruined her moment".

But fortunately for the man, loads of Reddit users took his side with a fair few urging him to divorce her.

One said: "Why did you marry this person? She's small-minded and toxic. She has all the makings of a terrible parent. Get out! Please don't make any more people with this person."

Another added: "Your wife is being very manipulative. The audacity of her to blame you for ruining this experience for her!"

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