Male celebs humble bragging about quarantine hair growth

Brake out your small violins for these older male celebrities — their hair has grown voluminously out of control in isolation.

Humble bragging about how wild their hair has grown while sheltering in place has become a trend among famous men, who are sharing photos of their untamed quarantine locks while salons, barbershops and beauty parlors sit shuttered.

“I might need a haircut,” Stephen Colbert, 55, tweeted on Tuesday, with a photo of the poof his hair has become. His “Late Show” has begun airing new episodes even while Colbert stays home.

Kyle MacLachlan is also sporting a larger do as a result of the coronavirus. The 61-year-old is “channeling his inner Beethoven,” he says in a video promoting a “Twin Peaks” watch party where his gray hair parts like tidal waves above his scalp.

Ryan Seacrest has frequently brought up the new hair poof he’s sporting on the pandemic-edition of “Kelly and Ryan,” which the stars are shooting via video chat from their respective homes.

“A few days late but who’s keeping track of time anyway,” he captions an Instagram photo showing a side-by-side of him clean-cut and clean-shaven on March 1, next to a pic in which he’s wearing a hairy disguise on April 1.

Other celebrities have taken to dyeing their hair pink in quarantine, including supermodel Kate Moss’ younger sister Lottie Moss, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Some actors and athletes have decided to lob off their locks instead, with “This Is England” actor Stephen Graham, Spanish soccer star Héctor Bellerín and “Star Trek: Discovery” actor Anthony Rapp all joining the ranks of the buzzed.

Experimenting with bangs and drugstore hair dye have also become trendy, with stylists anticipating a rush of customers desperately in need of help repairing the damage they’ve caused once the pandemic has passed.

“This is officer Van Ness,” hairdresser and “Queer Eye,” grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness captions an Instagram photo of himself with his hair pulled back. “Don’t try new lewks during quarantine.”

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