Love Islands Tyler Cruickshank wants to be a hands-on solicitor as he plans criminal law career

Love Island's Tyler Cruickshank has revealed that he wants to be a 'hands-on solicitor' after setting his sights on a criminal law career.

The 26 year old, who recently opened up about the 'pressure' to move in with his girlfriend Kaz Kamwi, 27, has described how he is set on pursuing a career as a solicitor after he graduated with a 2:1 law degree from St Mary's University in Twickenham in 2018.

Tyler, who has modelled for the likes of bohoo and garnered 234,000 Instagram followers since placing fourth on the ITV2 series, has revealed exclusively to OK! that he was 'always going to go into law' after coming from a legal and academic background.

The former estate agent, from Croydon, south London, described how he missed the 'buzz' of working in the property industry since rising to fame following the hit dating show but is set on completing his Graduate Diploma in Law to become a solicitor.

Speaking to OK! Tyler said: "I do miss the buzz of being an estate agent and meeting different people as well as being around my team – definitely. There is just different things on the horizon for myself."

He added: "I am definitely going to go back to my law stuff in the future. I want to go into criminal law which is not as lucrative as public law and company law but I am really interested in it and I was when I was at university."

Tyler continued: "My uncle owns a criminal law firm and I actually did some work experience there when I was really young and it really did interest me. I just didn't want a mundane job where it is the same day in, day out."

"I definitely do want to be hands on solicitor and criminal law is something slightly different every single day. It could be that one day you are having to get someone from the police station and deal with it down there and another day you could actually be building the case with research.

"For me, coming from a legal background, I was always going to go into law anyway. My estate agency days were definitely numbered and I did know that."

However Tyler, who recently completed a skydive in Lancashire for the charity Homeless House, added: "I will go back into it [law] at some point just not right now."

The reality star revealed that he is currently focused on modelling, e-commerce and even revealed that 'more TV' could be on the cards in the future.

Meanwhile Tyler described how Kaz, who has a background in fashion influencing with 860,000 Instagram followers, has been helping him navigate the world of content creation.

He said: "It's a new world and Kaz was doing content creating before and she is really helping me out with a few things but going from an academic background to a nine til five is totally different to going into influencing for example.

"It is that transition that I am making but everyone around me so my whole team, Kaz, friends and family are very supportive so I am lucky to have everyone around me like that."

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