Loose Women’s Saira Khan, 50, strips to lace lingerie for inspirational post

Saira Khan has flaunted her killer figure in some white lace lingerie as she wrote a powerful post about the truth behind her Instagram snaps.

In the video, the Loose Women star, 50, stands in front of a full-length mirror as she puts on a matching set of white lace lingerie from the brand Figs and Leaves.

She inhales to tuck in her stomach and exhales to relax her core muscles to reveal her tummy.

The scalloped lace edging embraces her body figure and highlights her cleavage in the beautiful lace pattern.

The mum-of-two posted a message along with the video, captioning: "We inhale and exhale, our tummy goes in and it comes out – that’s how we breathe, that’s how we stay alive.

"My tummy is not flat. It is rounded and when I eat, it gets full and gets rounder still. This is totally and utterly normal. If I did not eat – my tummy would be flat."

She emphasised the importance of eating food as it is the source to maintain a healthy-looking body and to keep her brain "functioning properly".

"If I am posing, (which I do a lot, because I’m a bit of a poser) I hold my tummy in, to give me a more toned look and shape," Saira added.

"Also, 'engaging your abs' that’s sucking your tummy in, is a great thing to do to tone your muscles to gain strength in your core- which as we get older, we need for mobility, flexibility and range of movement."

The ITV presenter touched on the topic of body image and body consciousness as she said some people have "gone to extremes" to get a six-pack and it's not healthy when they have to virtually starve.

She said: "Looking at someone else’s core and comparing it to yours, is an exercise that is pointless – look, admire respect and then work yours."

Viewers praised for her inspirational message while complimenting her amazing figure.

"You do look amazing and inspire me every day with your posts so keep up what you're doing," one fan gushed. "You are helping so many women to be healthy, keep fit but also be realistic about expectations."

Another wrote: "Warm fuzzy feeling after reading your post."

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