Little Fires Everywhere Offers a Rare Reminder of What the '90s Were Actually Like

Culturally and aesthetically, the 1990s were pretty absurd. The decade began with the advent of the internet and ended with the fear that modern society itself would collapse with the start of a new century. Grunge was introduced, rap rivalries led to tremendous losses, third-wave feminism took hold, hair accessories got quirkier, and the president had a major sex scandal. And yet, the ’90s were also really “normal.”

Normal compared to what? Now? Well, yes, clearly, but looking back, it seemed as though society at the time placed greater importance on maintaining a veneer of stability and normalcy following the more drastic changes and events of the 1980s. In response, the decade was marked by pre-woke political correctness, inoffensive home decor, and a fashion sense that essentially set the blueprint for normcore. That placid suburbia of the ’90s is exquisitely captured on Little Fires Everywhere.

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