Lifestyle Picks Podcast: Satirical zombie apocalypse flick and war film about Chinese history

Lifestyle Picks Ep 93: Satirical zombie apocalypse flick and war film about Chinese history

9:50 mins

Synopsis: Every Thursday, find out about lifestyle and even stay-home entertainment choices during the Covid-19 period in Singapore.

This week, Money FM’s Bernard Lim hosts The Straits Times’ film correspondent John Lui to share about his picks for the week.

#Alive is a zombie apocalypse flick that is a uniquely Korean version of the survivor format.

This near-perfect blend of satire of the survival drama depicts a lonely and petrified video-game addict trapped in his apartment, who must play a real-life version of the game in which a player explores the surroundings while picking up makeshift weapons, tools and food.

Unless he takes risks, he will die of starvation or thirst.

The Eight Hundred, an action-oriented ensemble piece re-enacting a pivotal moment in Chinese history, serves as a big-budget corrective to myths about war generated by Western cinema, such as the idea that Asians stood by as Westerners fought their battles.

Produced by: Money FM’s Bernard Lim & ST Lifestyle desk

Edited by: Bernard Lim & Penelope Lee

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