Leeds and England star Luke Gale would be happy to play again in a public park

LUKE Gale admits he and other rugby league players are so desperate to get back to work, they would happily do so in a public park.

The 13-a-side code’s shutdown shows no signs of ending soon, with a likely start date of August, although there are suggestions it could be brought forward to mid-July.

Either way, just getting back on the pitch will be a blessed relief for England star Gale – who would be more than willing to play at Roundhay Park rather than Headingley.

And having no-one watching is just like training.

Leeds ace Gale said: “Us players will take anything at the minute. We’d take playing on a park!

“Crowd atmosphere can drive you or spur you on whether it’s for or against you but we’re not going to get that, so we’re going to have to make it ourselves.

“And we train with no fans every day, it’s part and parcel of it really.  We’ll play as and when it is allowed.

“At the start you kind of enjoy it – you’re off and you’ve got all your family with you. Then slowly but surely you start to get bored.

“I’m probably at the stage now. I’m kind of over it now, I just want rugby to start and a bit of normality back really.”

As well as playing and training alongside his mates, Gale is missing another regular event – the extended family meals he has at his auntie’s house every Wednesday.

It may have spared him a bit of friendly advice as he gets it, whether he is playing brilliantly or not.

But he hopes to be getting it soon, and it would not take him long to get back into the swing of things.

The 31-year-old added: “We’ve not done it n a while and not seeing my family has been the toughest thing.

“Life’s getting a bit more back to normal, the kids can now see their grandparents and they’ll definitely be going there once a week!

“My partner works as a teacher Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so I’ve been looking after them while she’s at work – it’s definitely harder than it looks!

“Now I’ve got them three days a week, it’s definitely a lot harder. I’ll be glad when they’re back at school and I’m at training.

“But you can train for a year and still not be match fit, that’s the easiest way to put it.

“You do three months of pre-season, you’re the fittest you’ve ever been, then you go into round one and you’re still not match fit.

“Personally, I could play after a week – the less training the better!”

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