KUWTK Recap: Kris Breaks Down Talking to Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick About Ending Show

Kris is having second thoughts about her decision to end KUWTK.

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(NOTE: The below was not actually written by North West.)

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The episode started with a surprise baby shower for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” crew members Amanda and Ryan at the Malibu Vacation House. The Kardashian family was really happy for them because the crew had become like family to them.

North West: It’s nice to not have a secret baby shower for once.

Back at Kim’s house, Kim was thinking about the future of the show. The family’s contract was up and they needed to decide if they were going to keep filming or not. They all needed to spend time to think about it and decide what they individually wanted. They loved filming, but there were so many factors to consider. The decision was hard and confusing.

At Kris’ house, Kris was packing up her house to move. Kris sold her house, but didn’t have a new house to move to yet. Kris was making some huge life decisions in addition to trying to decide if the family would continue to film the show or not.

Later, Kris called a meeting with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney to talk about the decision to continue filming KUWTK. To keep the meeting private from the crew, the girls filmed the meeting themselves on their iPhone. Kris wanted to make sure everyone was okay with the decision because no matter what they decided, they couldn’t go backwards. Kim said it was a big decision. Khloe said that change was scary for her and it felt heavy. Kourtney said she was a new decisive person in life and she thought it was time. Actually, she thought it was time last year. Everyone else was conflicted, however Kendall and Kylie were on board with whatever Kris and their sister’s decided. Kris said to open a new chapter they needed to close one. Kim agreed and said she was forever indebted to E! She didn’t even think the show would get to season two, so to get to season 20, the family needed a break. Kris took a final vote. Kim and Kourtney didn’t want to continue. Khloe wasn’t thrilled, but she eventually voted, in step with her sisters, because the majority ruled.

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NW: Of course the one who refused to do glam then left the show to start a blog about vegan tacos is over it.

I gave my vote off camera. I voted to not continue filming because I didn’t like the contract that was presented to us, period. The offer was an insult. I let E! know that I wouldn’t get out of bed for anything less than $100 million. Good luck with what’s left of the network.

In San Diego, Kris was at her mother MJ’s house with her assistants going through MJ’s things. MJ sold her house because she moved to Calabasas to be closer to the family. Kris was crying on and off because it was hard to think about all the great memories she’s had in that house.

Back at the Malibu Vacation House, the family was getting ready to announce to the crew that they had decided to not continue to film KUWTK. There were many mixed emotions. They had an incredible love of the crew so it was hard. Even though they were not looking forward to telling them the bad news, it was important that the crew heard it straight from them instead of finding out online. They deserved that respect.

The family gathered all the crew members in the backyard for the announcement. Kris tearfully expressed her love and gratitude for them, and then let them know that KUWTK would be coming to an end. The crew and the family were in tears. Khloe and Kim were overcome with emotions. The crew had been with them through so many crazy, happy, and sad moments. Kourtney admitted she was not a big talker, but she too was very grateful for the crew. It was bitter sweet for her. She learned so much and she had no regrets.

The crew, who was also in tears, returned their gratitude.

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NW: It was extremely hard to tell the crew that we were not going to move forward with the show. I struggled with how I was going to tell the people I personally consider family such bad news and make sure they didn’t resent me. Since they know what it feels like to have their shows canceled, I made Kris and Auntie Khloe do it because they can relate to the crew better than I ever could.

Later, Scott arrived at the Malibu Vacation Home and Kris let him know that they told the crew they were not moving forward with KUWTK. Kim was working on a statement for social media. Scott said filming the show had its ups and downs. He felt sad that he wouldn’t be seeing the crew everyday, but he was supportive of the family’s decision.

NW: Scott filed for unemployment this day.

Before putting out a statement, Kim made tearful calls to her friends to let them know they wouldn’t be filming the show anymore. She wanted them to hear it from her instead of on social media. All of her friends were really surprised and they were sad for her. Her friend Simon didn’t think the show would ever end. He thought for sure the show was going to end up filming North’s 16th birthday.

NW: I can’t confirm or deny that I have already inked a deal with a very popular streaming service for a sweet 16 birthday special. All I can say is to be on the lookout for an announcement in 2029.

After her phone calls were made, Kim gave the family the “okay” to post the statement/press release on their social media accounts. It was going to hit the news in 30 minutes so they wanted to post the statements themselves first. Khloe was conflicted over what emoji to post. She settled on a heart and broken heart emotion. Khloe was sad and exhausted. She didn’t feel great.

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NW: My team and I drafted my own personal statement separate from the family. You can read my statement here.

At Kim’s house, Kim showed Kris some renovations she was making in her house. Kris said the renovations reminded her when Kanye and Kim moved in with her for two years when they first bought the house. Kris enjoyed those years because she really got to bond with North. Thinking about that and other moments that were filmed had Kris wondering if they made the right decision in deciding to not film KUWTK anymore.

NW: Bonding? She crashed my Vogue photo shoot, was drunk off of martinis every night and made herself my manager when I didn’t ask her. But, if that’s her definition of bonding, okay.

Later Kris went to Khloe’s house. Khloe asked her mom how she was doing. Kris admitted that ending the show was a difficult decision and it was heavy. On top of that she moved out of her house and there had been a lot of life changes for her. Khloe felt like Kris was in an interesting place in her life with so much change. Khloe could tell that it was weight on Kris, so she suggested that Kris go to Palm Springs with some of her girlfriends, unplug, relax and enjoy her life. Kris deserved it.

At Scott’s house, Kourtney talked about the memes online saying that she was the reason the show ended. Kourtney knew that it was a joke, but she was sure that there were some people that believed it. However, she insisted that every time they had to decide to renew the contract for KUWTK there was always a family meeting and if this time the family wanted to continue to film, she would have agreed to film. Kourtney just wanted to enjoy the last few months of filming. Scott said it was going to be interesting to see what life is going to be like without cameras. Kourtney said they got a taste of that during quarantine. However, Scott’s biggest fear is that the family will float apart and not see each other as much because they will no longer work together everyday. It was very sad for him.

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NW: I get why people would think Auntie Kourt was the reason the show ended. I mean she did spend the last 3 seasons trying to get out of her contractual obligation of filming. However, I assure you she does not and never will have that much power. When it comes to the business her vote holds the least weight. Now, if I need to know how much avocado to put in my matcha, then I’ll ask her for her input.

Kris took Khloe’s advice and went to her Palm Springs house with her boyfriend, Corey Gamble. Her best girlfriends Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick showed up to support her. Kris wanted to talk to them about her decision to not continue with KUWTK. Corey let Kris’ friends know that Kris had been down about the show ending. Kris tearfully explained to her friends that it was hard to think about the end. Faye asked why she would stop the show. Kris said it had been challenging and hard. The crew is her family and telling the crew was the hardest part. It was about everyone deciding at the same time to stop the show, but it had been the most amazing chapter in her life. Kyle could relate because she has been on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for 11 years. Her friends thought this might be good news because she could be less busy, she can have more fun, and they could see her more. After her visit with her friends, Kris felt a little bit better about the show ending. The girls kept the drinks flowing and had a great time the rest of the night.

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Back at the Malibu Vacation home, Khloe and Kim were watching old clips from the show of Khloe going to jail. After having a good laugh, Kim decided to call Caitlyn to talk about the family ending the show. The family never spoke to Caitlyn after they called it quits with KUWTK, so they wanted to know what she thought about it. Caitlyn thought it was kind of sad and thought back to their first meeting with E! when they were promised only six episodes and one camera. She thought they should be proud of themselves. Kim told Caitlyn she had something to do with it as well. Caitlyn thought some of her best conversations with her kids were on the show and the show brought everyone together. Caitlyn said that all good things must come to an end and she was glad everyone was doing well.

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NW: I appreciate Caitlyn as a cast member. I enjoyed working with her, but it went downhill when her kids started to make appearances. Filming with Brody wasn’t the highlight of my career. So glad that’s behind us.

Later at Khloe’s house, Khloe hosted a family dinner. Kris talked about her Palm Springs trip with her girlfriends. She admitted she had a meltdown about the show and she had so many emotions that she didn’t realize that she had. However, after her meltdown, she had clarity and realized that they really made the right decision.

Scott asked everyone if they had a peak and pit about being done with the show. What will they miss and not miss about filming the show. Their peaks varied, but everyone pretty much agreed that their pit was not seeing the crew anymore. Kendall felt sad because the show was a huge part of her life, but since she tries to live her life private, not filming was healthy for her. Tristan joked that the show came out when he was in middle school.

At the end of the day, the whole family felt that they came to this conclusion for a reason and they are going to close the chapter and see what’s on the horizon next. Khloe wanted to make the best of what was left of filming and encouraged the family to make some badass memories.

NW: My pit about being done filming the show is not seeing the crew. It was like having extra assistants that I didn’t have to pay (The boom operator was really good at hanging things). My peak about being done filming the show is Addison Rae going home.

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