Kate Middleton and Prince Harry werent close, but there was mutual respect, expert claims

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry had "mutual respect" for each other but they weren't "really close", a royal expert has claimed.

Historian, writer and broadcaster, Tessa Dunlop spoke exclusively to OK!about the relationship between the in-laws, Harry, 38, and Kate, 40, explaining that the closeness we thought they shared "was a narrative we stuck on them".

Harry has caused quite the commotion within his relationship with the family following his Netflix documentary series with wife Meghan, 41, and his explosive memoir Spare which hit the shelves on January 10, 2023 – the day after Kate's birthday.

The book contained a number of attacks on the Royal family including digs towards his older brother, Prince William, his father, King Charles and even towards her late Majesty The Queen tucked among the pages – so it's no surprise Kate had a dedicated mention too.

While reflecting on his younger years in the memoir, Harry addressed the controversial fancy dress outfit he opted to wear to a party in 2005 which was a Nazi uniform.

After pictures emerged of the young royal wearing the uniform, the entire family faced intense backlash and widespread condemnation of his decision hitting tabloids around the world.

However, in his book Harry claimed William and Kate “howled with laughter” when he first contacted them to ask their advice as to whether he should wear it to attend the party.

Talking about Harry and Kate's relationship royal expert Tessa said: "She laughed at his jokes, but I didn’t ever get the feeling they were really close.

"I think that was a narrative we stuck on them, I think there was probably mutual respect."

But speaking about Kate following Harry's distance from the family, Tessa said: "I think the idea that she was kind of mourning for Harry, I think she was probably mourning for a kind of semblance of normality, as normal as it can be".

Tessa went on to explain that the 'fab four' which consisted of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan was "concocted by us" and that part of their brand "is being a family and working".

She said: "They didn't say 'we were the fab four', we imposed all of these ideas on them and then felt disappointed when they didn't live up to reality.

"They are our national family and we have this idea that William, Kate, Harry and Meghan are really friendly because whenever they got together, they were photographed.

"So with that in mind, think about your own family album and how much they actually tell about your day to day relationship and I think if you do that, then you get a clearer idea of where William, Harry and Kate are".

It is unclear if William and Kate are in contact with Harry and Meghan following the rift within the family.

Tessa also shared that it's "easier for Harry to walk away than Kate, as Kate really does know what it's like not to be a princess”.

Adding: “I think she's the continuity figure Kate, a time when a lot of people are not like Meghan and Harry and Andrew.

Explaining that Kate "is timeless, unchanging, constant Kate," she added: "Britain’s going through a rough time but there’s Kate, there she is supporting Wales as she should be at the rugby, or there she is doing the right thing at the beginning of the term with her three children, she’s a reassuring presence”.


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