Justin Bieber Files $20 Million Defamation Lawsuit Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Justin Bieber has filed a lawsuit against two anonymous women who accused him last week of sexual assault.

People obtained the $20 million defamation lawsuit against the women, known only by their Twitter handles, @danielleglvn and @ItsnotKad.

The suit calls the allegations waged against Bieber “factually impossible, and disproven both by indisputable documentary evidence and the individuals’ own admissions.” 

“Danielle claimed she was sexually assaulted at the Four Seasons Hotel on March 9, 2014, however, Bieber did not stay at that hotel in March 2014 and there are multiple witnesses and documentary evidence to dispute Danielle’s malicious lie,” read the complaint, per People.

The complaint claims Kadi’s accusations, in addition to being “factually impossible,” were contradictory and included “falsified or faked texts.”

The filing comes after allegations against Bieber bubbled up on social media last week. Two women came forward with separate claims that the singer had assaulted them between 2014 and 2015. 

The woman known as @danielleglvn claimed she met Bieber at an Austin music event in March 2014 and that he sexually assaulted her in a Four Seasons hotel.

“Justin had made me agree to not say anything to anyone, or I can get in serious legal trouble,” she wrote on Twitter. “He then asked me to join him in bed. That’s when I asked myself, How in the world is this normal?”

Later that day, another woman ― known as @ItsnotKadi  ― alleged that Bieber’s bodyguard had facilitated her meeting the star in May 2015 in his hotel room in New York, where she claimed Bieber sexually assaulted her.

After both allegations made the rounds on social media, Bieber tweeted a lengthy response and vehemently denied the claims.

“In the past 24 hours a new Twitter appeared that told a story of myself involved with sexual abuse on March 9, 2014 in Austin Texas at the Four seasons hotel,” he wrote. “I want to be clear. There is no truth to this story. In fact as I will soon show I was never present at that location.”

He also added that “every claim of sexual abuse should be taken very seriously.”

Of @danielleglvn’s allegations, Bieber’s tweets and subsequent complaint say he held a surprise performance at SXSW alongside then-girlfriend Selena Gomez on the night @danielleglvn claims to have been assaulted. He also said that he never stayed at the Four Seasons, adding that he and Gomez stayed elsewhere.

Bieber’s complaint also notes tweets by @ItsnotKadi which indicate she is a “superfan, a Belieber,” who, according to the filing, is “desperate to meet him and desperate his attention and for fame.”

The filing also claims that @ItsnotKadi was potentially aware of @danielleglvn’s allegations “prior to its release, and had her accusation ready to also release in conjunction.”

Representatives for Bieber did not respond to HuffPost’s request for further comment.



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