Julia Fox working on Weekend at Bernies inspired script

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Julia Fox doesn’t have a film at the Cannes Film Festival this year, but she has a new film in the works.

The fashion world favorite and “Uncut Gems” star is in pre-production on a movie called “Lipstick Palm,” which she co-wrote with pal, Sara Apple.

Fox described the wild sounding plot to Page Six as, “‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ meets ‘Spring Breakers.’”

“Weekend at Bernie’s” was of course the infamous 1989 oddball comedy about two pals trying to make a dead body seem alive, while “Spring Breakers” was and Harmony Korine’s 2012 drug-fueled adventure film.

“It’s about these two girls and they are in LA,” Fox told us during a Cannes event on a yacht for the charity Art of Elysium. 

She added: “They are classic. One is an aspiring actress, and the other is a nepotism baby — but her dad had like seven kids, so the pool has been diluted. They’re drug addicts, so they are in recovery, but they are always in and out. One has a sugar daddy.”

Fox didn’t want to give too much away, adding cryptically, “There is a dead body involved somewhere.”

Fox also has a book — which she previously described not as a memoir, but a “masterpiece” — out in October, as well as another upcoming movie, called “The Trainer.”

She could even see herself directing.

“My friends always say I would make a great dictator, but what I am hoping they mean is that I would make a great director,” she joked.

It’s Fox’s first time in Cannes — and the charity bash marked her first time on a yacht. “It’s new for me, but I could get used to it,” she quipped.

She wore a sculptural, see-through number by Cameron Hancock, plus a draped white skirt by Liwen, and glittering diamonds by the party’s sponsor, Marli.

“I think this is made out of bed sheets,” Fox said of the skirt. “It was late [when she tried it on]. I was like, ‘I like this.’ I am a pillow princess,” she mused.

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