John Jastremski leaving WFAN for Bill Simmons’ The Ringer

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John Jastremski is leaving WFAN to work for Bill Simmons and The Ringer, The Post has learned.

Jastremski, 33, has been a quirky, rising star on the FAN in his decade at the station. He made news at the end of last year when he told management that he didn’t think he would be a good fit with Maggie Gray for the midday show. 

He chose to stay doing his “JJ After Dark” program that was moved to a better spot from overnights to earlier in the evenings.

With Jastremski having significant time on his radio contract, FAN could have prevented him from the opportunity, but chose to allow him to go, sources said. 

In mid-December, Simmons, The Ringer founder, reached out to Jastremski, according to sources. The talks led to a deal that will result in Jastremski doing three to four podcasts a week on Spotify, the home of The Ringer. It is a two-year contract with a mutual option for a third, according to sources.

Simmons sold The Ringer for reportedly around $200 million, but is still in charge.

Jastremski will do one podcast on New York sports with the rest being betting-centric, like much of JJ’s FAN show. 

Jastremski is scheduled to leave the FAN in early April and begin at The Ringer shortly after. He will still be allowed to make his spot appearances on SNY and Golf Channel.

While Simmons and Mike Francesa have had a relationship for years, Francesa was uninvolved in the move, sources said. 

Francesa used to tout Jastremeski’s potential. Jastremski was part of an app Francesa had for one year. 

Jastremski’s frenetic Staten Island sound has been compared to Francesa’s former partner, Chris Russo. Still, Jastremski has been unable to move to the more coveted day part of the schedule yet.

FAN will now take its time in how it will exactly replace Jastremski. With the Yankees’ season beginning shortly, it will be in no rush and will likely just move Steve Somers up in the rotation. It does plan to eventually make a new hire, according to sources.

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