Joe Wicks shares self-isolation workout classes for seniors so the whole family can get involved

There's been no signs of stopping Joe Wicks, a.k.a. The Body Coach, as the fitness guru shares home workout lessons for seniors, too, as well as kids classes for kids.

Joe, 33, has become even more of a big hit during the coronavirus pandemic, live-streaming PE classes for kids and parents alike to join in with whilst at home self-isolating, with various celeb names, including Stacey Solomon and Coleen Rooney, getting their kids to join in too.

Now, the star has given fans even more reason to thank him, as he reveals a handful of lessons available for seniors.

The popular social media star, who has amassed a following of 3.3 million on Instagram, has a variety of chair exercises available to peruse on YouTube.

The ten minute sessions don't put too much strain on the body, and include activities such as lifting tins of beans and stretching out.

And it seems the exercises made for seniors are quite the hit, as the videos have seen more than 400,000 people tuning into them.

Viewers were quick to share their admiration of the videos for seniors Joe had produced, with one writing: “What a life saver.. sending this to my elderly parents.. Thank you!”

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Another added: “Thanks Joe. I am 77 and love walking along the seafront and up onto and along the cliffs. Unfortunately I have to give it up for the foreseeable because of the Coronavirus restrictions and really appreciate these workouts. I do both of the seniors ones. Thanks again, you’re an inspiration.”

A third person thanking Joe penned: “My 79 year old Grandma tried this, this morning and she loved it. Thank you Joe.”

In order to find the videos, simply head to Joe’s YouTube channel, which can be found by typing in The Body Coach TV.

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Which exercises are included in Joe's workouts for the elderly?

Joe starts off with 40 seconds of high knees which are good for engaging your core, strengthening muscles and getting the heart rate up, which improves momentum and flexibility.

Next Joe moves on to toe touches, which, he says "rotates the spine." Toe touches stretch the hamstrings and the four muscle groups found in the back of thigh.

Another easy exercise Joe adds to his session is throwing punches, standing in a boxing position. Joe recommends 40 seconds for the exercise to "get the heart rate up."

In a second video, Joe demonstrates chair workouts for the elderly. Joe explains: "This is for the more senior people that need to keep active."

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He adds: "Get your joints moving, get your heart pumping, get you feeling good and energised and positive and optimistic. That's the aim of this workout."

For the first exercise in this series, Joe demonstrates arm twists to "rotate the spine." Arm twists are a great way to prepare the body for more exercise to come.

Moving to the chair, Joe recommends standing up and sitting down on the chair for 40 seconds. The NHS advises that this kind of exercise can " help improve mobility and prevent falls."

Joe then asks for viewers to grab their favourite can of food and, sitting on the chair, curls and shoulder presses with the cans to keep things light. He adds: "It's good to add a tiny bit of resistance to make things more challenging."

Joe coins the exercise a "chick pea bicep curl."

A further exercise sees Joe marching with the legs being lifted up and twisted. Low marches can be done too for those who can't get their legs up high.

Marches are a great way to create balance and stability on both sides of the body.

Joe’s live PE classes for kids have been a huge hit amid the coronavirus outbreak. The 33 year old announced on 23 March that he would be holding workout sessions every day at 9am for all children being homeschooled, encouraging parents to tune in and get up and moving as well.

Since starting the sessions, The Body Coach has seen a massive rise in the number of followers he has across his social media channels, with his YouTube rising up to 1.82 million followers and Instagram rising up to 3.3 million followers.

Together with his following, Joe has seen an increase in money flowing into his pocket. However, having seen this drastic change, the TV personality and author decided to give away all the proceeds to the "real heroes" of the nation – the NHS.

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Announcing the news on his Instagram page, Joe, whose most recent lesson was interrupted by his baby daughter Indie, explained: "Words can't express how happy and proud I have felt every day this week as the nations P.E. teacher.

"I’ve been overwhelmed with the response and the support it's had from everyone," alongside a red heart emoji.

He continued: "As a result of so many people viewing the #PEWithJoe workouts on YouTube the advertising revenue generated has been unlike anything I've seen or experienced on my channel before.

"So I've decided that as long as I’m the nations P.E. teacher, every single penny of the money generated on these videos is going to the place where we need it the most right now.

"All of it is going straight to the NHS, to support the real heroes right now."

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