JK Rowling Gives Six Figure Donation To COVID-19 Relief Fund In India

Author J.K. Rowling has made a generous donation to COVID-19 relief efforts in India. Khalsa Aid, a UK-based humanitarian organization, was the first to share the news through Twitter, Times of India reports. They explained that Rowling made the donation to their organization under her charitable trust name, The Volant Charitable Trust. Khalsa Aid mentioned it was a “six-figure donation.”

“We are humbled by the support for our humanitarian work,” the tweet continued. It also included a photo of their relief efforts in the nation.

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Rowling, who has an estimated worth of $1 billion, was quick to respond to the tweet by thanking her followers for purchasing copies of her new children’s book, ‘The Ickabog,’ which she explained made the generous donation possible. The Harry Potter writer originally released the book for free on her website last year, though Rowling later held a global illustration contest to choose imagery for the book.

After the competition ended, ‘The Ickabog’ was published in person featuring the selected artwork. Through her website, Rowling announced that any net royalties earned from the book would be donated to support coronavirus relief efforts through her charitable trust. The money donated to Khalsa Aid appears to be the net royalties made from ‘The Ickabog’ book.

This wasn’t the only large donation Rowling made, however, as Times of India adds she also made a six-figure donation to British Asian Trust, which is specifically working to provide oxygen to India. Like Khalsa Aid, the organization announced the writer’s contribution through Twitter, which prompted Rowling to reply directly from her own account. In the reply, Rowling again mentioned that it was because of her new children’s book that she was able to donate the sum.

Rowling has another children’s book, titled ‘The Christmas Pig,’ which is expected to release later this year in the fall. It’s unclear if the author plans to release it in a similar fashion to ‘The Ickabog,’ though more details will likely be provided in the coming months.

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However, Rowling’s contribution has not been without controversy. Specifically, Khalsa Aid has been linked to terrorist activities in the past, which has caused backlash now that it’s been revealed Rowling has gifted them a six-figure donation. According to OpIndia, Khalsa Aid has been suspected to be a front for Babbar Khalsa International (BKI), a Sikh organization that wants to create an independent Sikh country, Khalistan, through violent means if necessary. Though a case alleging the connection was opened in 2012, it seemingly went nowhere. BKI has been declared a terrorist organization by many nations, including the U.S.

Rowling has so far not commented on the controversy surrounding her donation to Khalsa Aid or the allegations faced by the organization.

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