Jake Paul claims he’s an ‘elite’ boxer but admits many see him as a ‘s****y amateur’ ahead of Ben Askren clash

JAKE PAUL has described himself as an 'elite' boxer – but admits many fans still see him as a 's****y amateur' despite winning both of his professional fights.

The American YouTuber, 24, takes on former UFC star Ben Askren in the boxing ring on Saturday night in what will be his third pro bout.

Paul has already beaten ex-NBA star Nate Robinson and fellow YouTube star AnEsonGib in his brief career.

And after admitting many fans see him as a circus act, Paul is hoping to change their opinion against Askren – who last fought in UFC in 2019.

Paul was asked what level of boxing he believed people considered him to be at – domestic, international, world class or elite.

The YouTuber replied: "I see myself as an elite fighter, right now.

"A young prospect with a lot of motivation and a lot of hunger.

"I think people see me as a s****y amateur.

"So there's sort of a big difference, a big gap between where I actually am and what the general audience will think.

"But I'm excited again to show my ability on Saturday against Ben who is a world-class fighter."


Paul's revelation came just hours after Askren threatened to choke him out on Saturday night in his first fight following hip surgery.

Askren, 36, said: “One of you guys can start a GoFundMe – how much would you give me to choke Jake Paul out with a guillotine?

“If the number's bigger than my purse, maybe I'll do it.”

Askren then demonstrated what he would do to Paul by using his coach.

Paul was later asked about Askren potentially using his old tricks in the ring, but the social media star warned it would come at a cost.

He told MMA Junkie: "So a couple of answers to that question, the first one being I don't think the fight will last long enough for him to even think about taking me down.

"The second being if he does do something like that, his purse is eliminated in the bout agreement.

"So if he wants to lose all the money for the fight, then sure, then go ahead.

"The third thing is, I'm beating him up in Asics Aggressors which are wrestling shoes, so he's going to get beat up in wrestling shoes, which I think is hilarious."

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