Instagram influencers change appearance so much they're unrecognisable

So much for natural beauty! Social media users are called out for posting VERY questionable photos of themselves, editing in extreme curves, super-bright eyes and triangle jawlines

  • Looking good in a selfie is important but these social media users went too far
  • Bored Panda has collected some of the best examples of how not to edit photos
  • Some give themselves ridiculously skinny waist while enlarging their curves

Everyone wants to look their best when posting pictures of themselves online.

But these Instagram users took it a step too far when they completely overhauled their natural appearance – and got called out on it.

Bored Panda has collected some of the best examples of people who have gone too far with the editing tool and given themselves waists that look unnaturally skinny or curves that are over the top. 

One woman changes everything about her own image only for her photographer to post the same, but unedited, portrait.

Elsewhere another woman gives herself a piercing, by penning a black dot onto her top lip while editing a selfie.

A poster, from the US, came across this photograph on social media and shared it to Reddit. Users commented on the fact the girl’s cargo pants appear to stay up by magic

A man from Washington DC found this image online and took to Reddit to shame her for apparently hating herself so much she would completely alter her photograph

A Korean poster found this image of a women on social media and joked she could do trigonometry on her face. The woman’s jawline and nose have been edited to be straight lines


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