Inside Gemma Collins’ very glamorous and pink home she has christened ‘Gemmawood’

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Former TOWIE star Gemma Collins has just arrived back in the UK after spending time in Tenerife on holiday.

However the trip abroad probably wasn't the most relaxing the glamorous diva has ever had, as while away she split with her longtime boyfriend James Argent after eight years one and off.

On Tuesday 14 July, Gemma shared a string of text messages between herself and Arg online.

Writing over a screen grab of a WhatsApp conversation, in which an unknown sender sent her two pig emojis, Gemma wrote: "Hey guys as you can imagine I am absolutely heartbroken right now shocked totally in pain and can't be pretending I'm all smiles over the gram.

"I am so upset and devastated and hurt, I need some time off the gram to heal."

The reality TV star then went on to share more of the couple's row on her Instagram Stories.

Arg, 32, cruelly branded his girlfriend a "hippo" and a "fat f**k", after she suggested that he had bought another woman dinner and not her.

However, despite the heartbreak Gemma will be returning back to her glamorous abode, that is so pink and lavish that it is bound to cheer her up somewhat.

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Last year the former car saleswoman chose to spend her hard earned dough on a property that is so Gemma Collins that for the first time in her life the extravagant character actually blends in to her surroundings.

The GC left Brentwood for a barn in the Essex countryside. But before you think that that isn’t a decidedly Gemma move, wait until you see it.

The Diva Forever star renovated the barn from top to toe and has set it apart from pretty much any other outhouse in the country.

Speaking of her move last autumn, Gemma said: "I've moved to the country. I love London, and obviously one day I'd like to move to LA, but for now it's the country and I love it”.

She also explained that because she is relatively unknown in her village she would like to take advantage of this by taking horseriding lessons, adding: "I can just go to the market, the farm shop… I am so happy here. I can finally say 'there’s no place like home'. I am just settled here. It's just been absolutely cosmic ordering."

The star has hilariously dubbed the barn Gemmawood, a play on fellow diva Dolly Parton's personal theme park. Let's take a look inside…

The barn has white-painted walls, beige carpet and exposed beams to give the space a rustic feel and honour the original architecture. However, the bare bones of the room is where the traditional feel ends.

Gemma's living room is Hollywood screen siren all over; as pink a Jayne Mansfield's bathroom.

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It includes a lamp that features plumes of light pink feathers and gold claw-like feet is in the corner of the room, as well as a large indoor plant which mirrors the luscious look of the lamp.

Gemma's rug is bubble gum pink and we can see in the corner that she has matching satin pink curtains.

In this image you can see her living room from another angle, with large baby pink cupboards and fabulous antique-style armchair upholstered with a rich burgundy and bubblegum pink fabric.

As for Christmas, obviously The GC didn't scrimp on the festive excess as this snap shows.

Pink, white and lots of light seems to be the decorative theme she has gone for.

Surprise, surprise….Gemma's closet has a pink rug. The meticulously organised space showcases her clothes neatly filed on hangers and her bags are arranged like it is a boutique.

However, the room hasn't always been like this. The reality star took to Instagram to ask for assistance, saying: “I need to show everyone how bad my house has got, so out of control. If anyone is out there, help.

“Literally this is the severest situation I have ever been in in my life. I cannot move through bags, shoes, suitcases. I cannot even get in this room."

We are blown away by the sheer fabulousness of Gemma's metallic pink gorilla sculpture, which is sat on golden throne-like plinth like some sort of surrealist deity.

Gemma looks just like Venus on her magenta pink velvet shell-shaped sofa.

The vibrant piece of furniture stand out against the grey carpet and we love the soft pink curtains, that of course match the diva's feather.

Pink velvet is clearly The GC's fabric of choice, as she also has this mini throne-like chair that which has ornate carvings on the silver-painted wood.

Sat here she is clearly the Queen of Gemmawood!

The reality star has left behind the pink theme when it comes to the kitchen, instead opting for a modern and sleek look, with grey cabinets and marble worktops, as well as a large marble kitchen island.

The floor is paved with white tiles, and on the island is a large bouquet of red flowers that add a pop of colour to the room.

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