Innocent dance video goes viral as viewers spot ‘couple romping in background’

This innocent dance video has gone viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons after appearing to show a couple enthusiastically having sex in the background.

In the clip, uploaded by @thegohousedublin, a trio of girls attempt a dance routine in a dark courtyard.

While the women are swinging their hair to the tune of Viva La Swing, the camera pans around and appears to show another pair of "dancers" in the background, romping under a duvet.

In what is a bad advertisement for full-length windows, one of the lovers is gripping the headboard while the other thrusts back and forth.

Luckily for everyone involved, their modesty is protected by the white duvet covering their bodies.

The dance video has since been watched more than 3.5 million times and received 160,000 comments – with people gobsmacked at how they missed the steamy scenes.

"People in the back just made a tape without knowing," joked one viewer.

A second TikTok user quipped: "In the name of the father and the son, RIP headboard."

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"I didn’t even notice until I looked in the comments," said a shocked viewer.

"What in the Love Island is this?" asked someone else.

"The fact this hasn’t been taken down yet is incredible," marvelled another.

It's not clear if the couple were pranking the dancers or simply caught unawares, but the video has definitely has reminded some viewers to invest in a nice pair of blinds.

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