Im sick of plus-size activists – fat people should stop making excuses

A woman has come under fire for claiming fat people should stop making excuses and just lose weight.

Blaire White is known for her strong opinions as she uses her YouTube channel to express her thoughts on matters.

She has over 980,000 subscribers on the videos-sharing app where the influencer takes pride in "running her mouth".

Now in one of her latest outbursts, Blaire says that she doesn't "hate fat people" but instead objects to fat activists.

Speaking in a video, she said: "I hate it when people lie and say it is healthy to be fat.

"I hate it when people disregard science for the sake of feelings."

The American, from Texas, claimed they try to make "being fat" as some kind of minority group.

She added: "They try to compare racism, transphobia, homophobia to being discriminated against because you're fat.

"To act as if a choice for most people which is eating yourself into this state.

"To compare people who choose to not move and eat a lot to being born black or being born gay etc you have some damn nerve.

"Being obese shouldn't be acceptable you should fear being fat."

She argues that body positivity discourages obese people from actually seeking a "healthier" lifestyle.

Blaire continued: "Saying that somebody who's obese doesn't need to change is saying you don't care about how long they'll live.

"Body positivity should be reserved for people who are trying to cope with things they cannot change.

"It's not part of who you are, eating Twinkies is not revolutionary."

But her comments didn't go unnoticed as many flooded to the comments section under her video.

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One person post a whole video about her content, writing: "Blaire White. More like Blaire S****."

The user added: "Her content is really f***ing bad."

A third commented: "Oh, she still exists?"

While a fourth slammed: "She's just so hateful how can you watch her and not just be sad?"

However, some commenters under her YouTube video were complimentary of her clips.

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A viewer said: "I love Blaire so much.

"She is one of the few creators that make 'controversial' content videos without it becoming a dramatic social event."

Another wrote: "No one's perfect fat or skinny.

"Being fine with your weight is one thing, but these people need to stop glorifying this lifestyle."

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