‘I’m having Skype sex with my man’s best mate in our garden shed’

I’ve been having fantastic phone and FaceTime/Skype sex with my boyfriend’s best mate.

My bloke is working from home but I’m getting fantastic internet reception in our plush garden chalet.

I go down there once my fella is in his office and contact his mate for a laugh. We start off by talking dirty on the phone.

I tell him that I’m bored and horny. He says he’s been missing me and that he’s been fantasising about my body. Then he asks if he can see a tiny bit of my flesh.

I flirt and tease until he’s begging me to switch to FaceTime. Then the fun really begins.

I slowly strip and he is driven wild with passion and longing. I keep him hanging on until he can stand it no longer, then switch to my laptop where we “Skype sex” over and over again.

We’ve never even touched, yet he swears that virtual sex with me is the best fun he’s ever had.

He and I first made a meaningful connection back in February.

My boyfriend was busy with work and I was feeling neglected. His mate is a car mechanic and helped me get a new tyre for my car – and things have literally grown from there.

My boyfriend thinks I’m practising my yoga in the chalet. He doesn’t bat an eyelid when I return to the house looking red-faced and sweaty.

The only complication is that his mate has now said he can’t live without me.

When the time is right he’s planning to leave his current girlfriend and wants to make a go of things with me.

I don’t know about that. Even though he’s hot and imaginative, I don’t know if I could stand having him as my forever man. Am I the worst human being ever?

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This isn’t a game. While your boyfriend is working in the house, you’re acting like a fool. How is this mature or fair?

I accept that, for many of us, it’s currently a case of “whatever gets you through the night”, but do you really need to engage with his best mate? Be in no doubt – virtual sex is cheating too.

You and your cyber lover are putting on sexual shows for each other. You’re creeping around and lying.

There is an emotional attachment and plenty of brazen sexual content. He sounds serious about you, but you’re using him for kicks and giggles. He’s talking about leaving his partner and getting with you full-time.

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If you’re not up for that, then you have to start levelling with him.

I suspect you’ve become hooked on the cheap thrills. But it’s sneaky and wrong.

How would you feel if your boyfriend burst into your garden shed/chalet and asked you what was going on?

He’d be devastated to discover that you’re playing around in secret.

No-one deserves this level of deception and you are
doing yourself no favours.

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