I'm an etiquette expert: This is my guide for dating a rich person

Etiquette expert reveals ultimate list of faux pas for dating a WEALTHY person – from taking pictures in their homes to asking about their job

  • Can’t get a second date? A New York etiquette expert has uncovered why
  • She’s compiled the list based on pet peeves voiced by her wealthy clients
  • These seven faux pas include admitting you Googled your rich love interest

An etiquette expert has revealed the seven dating mistakes you should never make if you’re seeing someone who is wealthy.

In a juicy YouTube video, Myka Meier, who founded Beaumont Etiquette, shares the reasons why you might not have scored a second date with that potential partner.

Myka, who is based in New York, compiled the list based on the pet peeves voiced by her successful clients.

She warns people against admitting they Googled their rich love interest, taking social media photos of their homes and property, and asking what they do for a living.

If you’ve ever wondered what you’re doing wrong, Myka has detailed the dating faux pas you could have made that were seen as red flags below.

Etiquette expert Myka Meier has revealed the seven mistakes people are making when dating a wealthy love interest


Do not admit to Googling your date: ‘It feels invasive’ 

‘Here are seven common mistakes I consistently hear and see that wealthy people don’t like about the person they are dating,’ the etiquette expert begins in the video.

‘Now a lot of them are very easy to fix and a lot of them you might even think are so innocent, “I had no idea that could be offensive to somebody,” and it is.’

Myka says the first thing people should avoid is telling their date they Googled them.

‘I know everybody Googles everybody nowadays, right? But there’s actually something here about privacy,’ she tells viewers.

‘On dating apps or when you first meet someone they may just introduce themselves [by] their first name or you only see their first name.

‘If you have admitted that you have have done all the digging and gotten additional information that they did not tell you about them then it feels invasive.

‘A lot of very successful people are private people. They don’t often have social media accounts or even anything aside from LinkedIn, sometimes nothing at all.

‘I’m talking about really high-level successful, high-net worth people.’

It’s tempting, but don’t admit to Googling your date. Myka says it could be seen as ‘invasive’ (stock image)

Keep it affordable: Don’t order the most-expensive item on the menu

The second mistake Myka warns people about is ordering the most-expensive item on the menu.

‘This is a big no-no,’ she said, adding it could give the impression that you’re ‘taking advantage of a situation.’

‘No matter how much you want that lobster on that menu or that steak, whatever it is, do not order it.

‘This is the same for wine, champagne or anything like that. Now if your host… says “Would you like a glass of champagne?” or if they order one… of course, enjoy it, but you should not be the person choosing the most-expensive bottle, choosing the most-expensive meal items.

‘These are wealthy, successful people who don’t want to be taken advantage of and if they’re wealthy and they’re successful, they’re probably intelligent, and they will figure it out if that’s the only reason why you’re there.’

Don’t enquire about their job: Instead ask them about their weekend or holiday

Another faux pas when it comes to dating a wealthy person is asking them what they do for a living.

Myka advises people to avoid this topic when you strike up a conversation with a potential love interest at a bar, party or networking event.

‘You might think, “Of course, this is something I always ask, this is something people ask me.” But the reason why it’s not the best question to ask somebody, especially somebody who is in a position of success and wealth, and especially if you already know that about them, is that it again comes across as opportunistic,’ she explains.

‘It’s almost like, “How much can you give me? What can you do for me? What can I get from you?”‘

So if you do spot a ‘super well-dressed person,’ don’t ask this question because it’s an ‘instant turnoff,’ Myka adds.

Instead she suggests asking people about their plans over the weekend or last weekend, over the summer or the best place they went on their winter break.

‘It doesn’t matter the time of year, there’s always something else to talk about, and eventually it’s going to come out what they do for a living,’ Myka says.

The only exception if they asked you and you’re returning the enquiry.

Another faux pas when it comes to dating a wealthy person is asking them what they do for a living. Myka says it gives the impression that you’re looking to get something out of them

Dropping hints about buying you a gift could backfire in a major way

Don’t ever ask your rich romantic interest to buy you a gift, Myka warns.

‘If you’re out shopping, you’re strolling down Fifth Avenue, you’re in Harrods, wherever you are, I want you to own that you want to buy something yourself, even if it’s something that down the road you wish would be gifted to you,’ she says.

‘You never want to say that to the person. Keep it in your head, once they get to know you, once you’ve been dating for a long time, it’s your birthday, it’s a holiday, maybe they’ll gift it to you, maybe they’ll gift something to you.

‘But you never want to be the person who asks for something… because again it’s like you’re using them, you’re telling them how much to spend on you, when to spend on you, what to spend on you. And that should be up to them, not you.’

Stay off your phone: Keep your date’s home and property off social media

‘This is a big one,’ Myka teases before sharing the fifth dating mistake.

She warns people to be mindful of taking social media photos of their wealthy date’s home or property.

‘This could be anything that they own,’ the etiquette expert says.

‘So it could be maybe they invite you to their home and imagine they walk into their living room and you’re filming their artwork or you’re filming their house. 

‘Again this is one of the biggest faux pas because… really it’s an invasion of privacy, especially if there are high-priced items in that household.

‘The last thing they want is those to be in your next TikTok, your next Instagram Reel… that is what you want to avoid.

‘Let’s say you’re driving in their car with them and you take out your phone. It’s so showy, it’s almost like, “Look at me, look where I am, look who I’m dating, look at how much money they have, look at how much money I might have.” You really, really don’t want to go there.

‘Same thing [applies to] taking pictures of their watch, taking pictures of their nice shoes and posting it… keep your phones away.’

‘This is a big one,’ Myka teases before sharing the fifth dating mistake. She warns people to be mindful of taking social media photos of their wealthy date’s home (stock image)

Keep ‘cringey’ comments about their expensive items to yourself 

The sixth mistake is that wealthy people don’t like their dates ‘over-commenting’ on their expensive items, according to the etiquette expert.

‘You can say, “I love that piece of art, that is so beautiful.” What you should not say is, “Is that a Picasso?” You don’t want to pretend, you are so impressed by their wealth,’ Myka explains.

‘You don’t want to make them also feel awkward about their wealth. You also don’t want to ever, ever ask, “How much was that?” [It’s] the last thing you want to do.’

Other examples Myka gives are “How much is that car? That is so nice” and “That watch! What did that put you back?”

‘I’m cringing just hearing myself say them. They’re so bad. Do not make the same mistakes,” she says.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude: Go the extra mile by handwriting a ‘thank you’ note

The final dating faux pas on Myka’s list is not showing gratitude.

‘People who share their life experiences, who come from a great place of privilege really appreciate gratitude,’ she says.

‘They appreciate when someone says, “Thank you.” That handwritten note, that extra email, that extra text saying how much you enjoyed the experience, the date that they took the time and the thought to take you somewhere, that is what is most important, so be grateful. 

‘Don’t be expectant, ever, don’t think they’re always going to pay for you every time. That’s often not the case in modern etiquette.’ 

Myka adds it’s a ‘wonderful and attractive’ gesture to always offer to pay your own way and to treat your wealthy love interest as well.

‘Your success as an entrepreneur, as a business or career person, as a social person, really is also attractive, so don’t forget those things,’ she says.

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