I'm 70 but people mistake me for 30 – here's how I look so young

My mother is 70 but some people think she looks as young as 30 – she’s never had any cosmetic surgery but uses one key skincare product

  • A US-based woman has revealed how she maintains her youthful appearance
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A 70-year-old woman has revealed how she manages to look decades younger – and it doesn’t involve any cosmetic surgery.

Matt, a hairstylist based in the US, shared a TikTok of his mother who wanted to share her trick for her youthful glow.

The 70-year-old mother had been repeatedly mistaken for a much younger lady, with some even guessing she’s just 30 years old.

She has never had Botox, filler, or even used any other anti-aging product, except from the one she swears by.

The unusual product might come as a surprise, but now TikTok users are vowing to buy the invention if it might produce similar results.

A 70-year-old woman has revealed her cheap and easy skincare hack for keeping the wrinkles at bay 

The interesting product the ‘sweet’ woman swears by is a ‘frownie’, a wrinkle patch designed to keep fine lines at bay.

In the video, which gained over 40,000 views, Matt explained: ‘This is my mom. No Botox, no filler, and only one anti-aging product and she wants to show it to you.’

Her turned to his mother and asked: ‘What is this Mom?’ as she sat with an unusual patch on her forehead.

She said: ‘It’s a frownie… a sticker I put on before I go to sleep, and I take it off when I wake up.’

As the mother took off the frownie, Matt said ‘Ta-da’ as she revealed a smooth forehead.

Matt continued to ask: ‘Do you even use any anti-aging skincare products?’

To which the mother replied: ‘Zero’.

Matt captioned the video: ‘NOT an ad, just my sweet mom wanting to share her #antiaging skincare secret, she’s worn this to sleep as long as I can remember #tiktokbeauty #skintok’

The product Matt’s mother uses is a frownie, which is a sticker to reverse wrinkles without surgery 

Users on TikTok were quick to share their thoughts on Matt’s mother, and many could not believe her age 

Users on TikTok have been quick to share their thoughts on Matt’s mother and her skincare hack. 

One said: ‘She looks like she is in her late 30s [for real] she looks stunning.’

A second added: This gives me hope. Bc I don’t have fancy skincare products money but I could afford those!’

A third said: ‘Keeps you from furrow your brow too. I can see this helping to relax as a sticker alone! Very smart.’

A fourth user said: ‘Omg running to buy frownies.’

A fifth added: 70?!?! WHAT! She looks so young! Frownie is working overtime!’

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