If you can get nine of these questions right, you have 'superior intelligence'

15-question quiz to reveal whether you're a genius

Many of us secretly suspect we’re geniuses.

Who doesn’t want to be considered super smart, after all?

But are you ready to put your mind to the test?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to sit a proper exam (unless you want to actually, officially, declared as a genius. We can’t help you with that).

The people over at Playbuzz have instead come up with a 15-question quiz to help you quickly see if you possess the traits of a highly intelligent person.

Created by US-based quiz master Terry Stein, the quiz claims that if you get nine or more questions right, you ‘probably’ have an IQ of over 151, making you smarter than average,

Just to be clear, this is not an officially governed test and you should not go barrelling into your boss’s office demanding a promotion because you are clearly destined for MENSA.

Think of it instead as a fun quiz to see if you’re correct in your suspicions that you are highly intelligent. Ready?

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How did you do?

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