I water plants with my period blood – it helps me give back to the Earth

A woman admitted that she uses her period blood to water her plants so she can "give back to the Earth."

Jessica McKasson, 37, was once riddled with heavy and painful periods that even caused her to take time off from work.

That's when she started to look into shamanism – a religious practice that she used to 'reconnect' to her body after reading about the ancient traditions and importance of the womb.

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The menstrual cycle coach, from Costa Rica, now aligns her body to follow the stages of menstruation and claimed she no longer experiences any pain at the time of the month.

After 'hearing' her own womb and collecting her period blood to water plants with, Jessica celebrates her monthly flow and sees it as something "sacred."

"I used to experience the most painful, heavy periods," Jessica explained.

"Now I have zero pain.

"I hear my own womb and I have experiences of ecstasy and magic.

"It can be magical.

"I collect my blood in my menstrual cup and empty it into a bottle and dilute it with water.

"I go outside and express my gratitude for Mother Nature.

"It’s sacred and something celebrated.

“It’s truly the most beautiful gift."

Jessica carries out her own “symbolic practice” – watering her plants with period blood – as she believes that providing the Earth with her flow is "good" for the foliage.

In order to do this, she collects her menstrual blood, dilutes it with water and then pours it into her plants.

She said that, historically, women used to not wear any menstrual products to catch their blood and would just freely bleed onto the land.

Jessica tries to replicate this in her own special way.

"Women used to free bleed," she said.

"They would walk through the crops with the blood running down their legs into the earth.

"They saw what it did to the land. It has incredible properties.

“It’s good for the plants."

Since practising shamanism, Jessica has a better understanding of her body.

She's identified how her body recreates to each phase of the menstrual cycle – menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase.

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With her body now aligned to her cycle, Jessica is on a mission to show that periods are not "gross."

“It’s seen as gross and disgusting," she said.

“It’s associated with so much shame.

“But it’s the same way that we get pregnant.

“It’s [my period] like clockwork now.

“It’s four to five days and I have no back pain, cramps or anything.

“It ended the quest for love for my body.”

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