I was trolled for being an Instagram rich kid – but it’s made me stronger

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Jodie Weston has been receiving troll comments ever since her first TV appearance.

The 27-year-old, from London, made her telly debut with an MTV show called Fired by Mum and Dad five years ago.

She then signed up to more programmes, including Channel 5 show Rich Kids Go Skint.

While Jodie enjoys being in front of the cameras, she wasn’t prepared for the amount of trolling she’d receive.

She told the Daily Star: “Ive been trolled since I first started appearing in TV shows – so since 2015/2016 but they got a lot worse when I was on Rich Kids Go Skint in 2018.

“At first I managed to shrug them off – but now I find it difficult to deal with because I’m tired of being labelled as something I’m not.”

Jodie felt judged for being an “Instagram rich kid” as many failed to see there were more layers to her personality.

She said: “I’ve moved on and I’ve proven that I have a lot more to me than being a ‘pampered princess’.

”I wish people could look beyond their misconceptions of me.

“I also get the trolls who insult my appearance for no apparent reason.

“They 90% of the time hide their own appearance and troll me from fake accounts with no profile picture and no followers.

“So I guess if I was to put emotions aside, they are probably the ones who are unhappy with their lives and doing it to make themselves feel better.”

Jodie, who also works as a DJ, believes more should be done by social media sites to clamp down on trolling.

She argued: “I think that if an account has no profile picture, no posts and no activity other than trolling it should be instantly deleted.

“When you report a comment from an account that is clearly a ghost account then it should be deleted and the email address and IP address should be blocked from making any new accounts…

“I’ve always been an individualist and someone who doesn’t care about pleasing people or following the crowd, but even for me it has been hard at times especially if you are already having a bad day.”

While the TV star has found it difficult to cope with hate comments in the past, she says trolling has made her “stronger”.

Jodie said: “I suppose you always have the ability to spin a negative into a positive and use the spotlight to direct people’s attention onto other productive things you are doing, whether that be a collaboration, a clothing line, a new song, a new business project, whatever.

“Just try to utilise the spotlight for something productive instead of getting into an online argument with someone you probably will never meet.”

The star also rises above trolling by focusing on those who leave positive comments.

She gets plenty of nice responses to her DJing and also chats with other Instagrammers regularly.

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For anyone struggling with online hate, Jodie urges them to make use of the block button.

She added: “My best advice would be to delete the comments, block the account and not respond – although I know it’s hard sometimes.

“At the end of the day, trolls are either unhappy with their own life and jealous or judging someone that they don’t know personally.”

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