I used to be in itty bitty t*tty committee but now have big baps – men love it

A pregnant model who makes a 'fortune' from her big bust said life used to be a lot different.

Maya Petite, 23, from North Yorkshire, claims she used to be part of the "itty bitty t*tty committee".

But during her pregnancy, her breasts have grown significantly.

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Since quitting medical school in Pakistan and moving back to the UK, the cam girl has made £300,000 from her raunchy live sessions in three years,

And she highlighted a feature of her body that's been particularly popular recently.

What is that feature? Her 'burger nips' – where the areola is slightly bigger than usual making them look like meat patties.

And Maya claims to have a "massive" pair of them.

"My clients love my massive burger nipples," Maya exclusively told us.

"They love how dark they are, love how I describe them as being nice and big and around, and they love when they can see the nipple spilling out despite me wearing a bra.

"Not sure what it is that makes them so obsessed – maybe the fact that they can tell they’re naturally big because my nipples are so large?

"I’d say majority of my income comes from my t*ts.

"Most of my [subscription] content is very boob heavy, and on cam I charge $15 (around £11.80) for a boob flash in free chat – all of that adds up.

"I've probably made hundreds of thousands on the back of my boobs so far!

"They’re pretty good t*ts."

Her income from her boobs has only increased since she got pregnant with her boyfriend, who both feature on Channel 4 documentary, Confessions of a Cam Girl.

And halfway through her pregnancy, Maya has seen that the demand for her boob content has increased.

"My nipples and t*ts have definitely [grown] during the pregnancy, and they’ve gotten darker and full of milk," Maya shared.

"I used to lactate before the pregnancy anyway, and that’s a fetish of its own entirely.

"Men and women and everyone in between love large nipples and dark nipples, so I’d say my earnings have probably increased during the pregnancy for sure!"

The appreciation for her busty chest is not only shown by fans, but by Maya herself.

She noted that her knockers are completely natural and is happy to embrace the fact that they are – no matter how they fluctuate.

"I love my boobs, I love my burger nips," she declared.

"I think natural t*ts are great and people should embrace their slightly misshapen or ‘outside the box’ boobs much more than they do.

"I’ve always loved my breasts! I used to be the president of the itty bitty t*ttie committee before I essentially had a ‘second period’ and grew the massive wompers I have now.

"And I’ve always had massive nipples, even when I had smaller t*ts.

"They’ve doubled in size during the pregnancy though, they look like massive burnt pepperoni slices now."

Maya is proud of her curves and wants to inspire other women to feel the same.

She is now advocating for others to realise how beautiful their bodies are regardless of any burger or pepperoni shaped parts.

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And as it's National Burger Day (24 August), what better time to starting loving your nips.

"On a serious note, I think women should embrace their nipples and boobs no matter what they look like," she expressed.

"If they’re worried about people finding them unattractive, just know the likelihood of seven billion people finding your big nipples gross is pretty much zero.

"I think women need to realise that their bodies are beautiful no matter what.

"If everyone had the same t*ts and the same body, life would be pretty f***ing boring.

"Embrace your wonky t*ts, your saggy t*ts, your big nipples, it what makes you unique and most of all, human!"

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