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WOTSITS is a household favourite crisp, perfect for lunchboxes or a quick snack – but you'll pay a price for the brand.

A six-bag multipack of Wotsists cost will set you back around £2 in most supermarkets.

As the price of getting your big shop in is soaring, households might be wondering whether to switch to cheaper versions.

Many supermarkets have produced cheaper own0brand cheese puffs – but do they taste as good?

We asked consumer reporter Olivia Marshall to find out. Here's how the crisps fared.

Wotsits Really Cheesy Multipack Crisps (6×16.5g)

  • £2 from Asda
  • £2.02 per 100g


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You can't really go wrong with the original Walkers Wotsits – the cheesy and crumbly crisps are a classic.

They were full of flavour and had a great crunch when you bit into one.

But I could not ignore the high price of the treat compared to the other supermarkets' own brands, some of which tasted just as good, if not better.

  • TASTE: 8/10
  • PRICE: 5/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 13/20

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M&S Reduced Fat Cheese Tasters Multipack (6x19g)

M&S' cheese tasters lived up to their name
  • £2.10
  • £1.84 per 100g

Marks and Spencer's offering was perfectly cheesy without overwhelming.

There was also quite a lot of cheese puffs in the bag and I felt pretty full after eating a bag.

But, like with the original Wotsits, they're pretty pricey and cheaper alternatives are just as good.

  • TASTE: 8/10
  • PRICE: 6/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 14/20

ASDA Cheesy Wiggles Multipack Snacks (6x16g)

  • £1.30
  • £1.35 per 100g

Asda's cheese puffs tasted like they were made from Dairylea cheese slices.

The taste wasn't unpleasant, it was just very different to other supermarket brands and nothing like the original Wotsits.

The crisps themselves were also much bigger than the other offerings and the bag was pretty full.

  • TASTE: 5/10
  • PRICE: 6/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 11/20

Tesco Cheese Puffs Multipack (10x17g)

  • £1.35
  • 79p per 100g

As soon as I opened the packet of Tesco cheese puffs, I was hit with a smell that's similar to when you open a bag of dry dog food.

The crisps themselves were chalky and they didn't taste at all cheesy.

While they're pretty cheap at just 79p per 100g, they just aren't worth the money.

  • TASTE: 3/10
  • PRICE: 3/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 6/20

Sainsbury's Jumbo Cheese Puffs

  • £1.10
  • 88p per 100g

These were slightly different to the other cheese puffs as they were the giant version, not the usual bitesize crisps we're used to.

After getting over just how big they were, they were actually pretty tasty and very cheesy.

They wouldn't really work as a lunchbox snack, but I imagine they'd go down pretty well as a movie night snack.

Overall, these Sainsbury's crisps were pretty good.

  • TASTE: 7/10
  • PRICE: 8/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 15/20

Co-op Cheese Puffs

  • £1.20
  • 80p per 100g

Co-op's cheese puffs were crunchy and they didn't turn to mush as soon as you put them in your mouth.

While I enjoyed eating them, they did leave a funny aftertaste.

I won't rush to try them again.

  • TASTE: 6/10
  • PRICE: 7/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 13/20

Lidl Snaktastic Cheese Puffs Multipack (10x17g)

  • £1.35
  • 79p per 100g

These were among the cheapest cheese puffs and they were the most like Wotsits of all the supermarket dupes.

They were super cheesy and I didn't want to stop eating them.

Lidl has definitely succeeded in making its own cheap and cheerful version of the popular snack.

  • TASTE: 9/10
  • PRICE: 9/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 18/20

Snackrite Multipack Cheese Puffs Multipack (10x18g)

  • £1.29
  • 74p per 100g

While Aldi's cheese puffs didn't taste much like Wotsits, they were delicious in their own way.

As well as being tasty, they are also just 74p per 100g making them pretty cheap.

The packets were filled to the brim with crisps meaning I wasn't disappointed when I finished the back.

  • Taste: 10/10
  • Price: 9/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 19/20

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