I have A-cup boobs and Im sick of the comments old women make to me

A woman who has A-cup boobs has shared her frustration with her small chest as she has opened up on what it’s really like to be flat-chested.

India Hook, who posts online as @111india, claims her small chest often makes her the butt of the joke as she has revealed some of the comments made to her by both men and women.

In the video, which has gained more than 47,000 views, she explained that lads often joke that they have bigger cleavage than her, while girls with big boobs try to reassure her that small boobs are better.

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She also claims some women tell her she looks better in cute tops — but India doesn't agree.

But she claims older women often all say the same thing as she shared the clip with the caption: "POV: You have small boobs."

At first, she showed a stock image of an elderly woman, quoting what she would often hear them say by writing: "At least they won’t go saggy."

In the second snap, she showed a woman with a huge bust as she claims they say: "No trust me babe, you don’t want boobs, I wish mine were small."

However, she says gym guys will often joke that they have bigger cleavage than her as she shared the viral image of four men posing outside Birmingham New Street Station.

"We’ve got bigger ones lol," she quoted in the text over the image.

Finally, India posted another image of a woman with large boobs, who apparently claims that "small boobs mean you look nicer in tops than me."

However, India seemed to disagree as she replied: "I don’t."

In fact, the young woman took to the comments claiming she is "sick of this lifestyle” because of the unwarranted comments.

And it would appear she not the only one as many flat-chested women could relate took to the comments as they claimed to relate to her struggle.

One TikTok user said: "Same queen."

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Another added: "Literally loll."

A third wrote: "Girl sameee."

Meanwhile, a big-busted woman doubled down on the quotes from other women with large chests, claiming it is better to have a smaller one

"It’s true, big ones are just too much to deal with," they wrote.

While another user responted by telling India that her boobs "look fine" the way they are.

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