I cancelled a Barbie date with my boyfriend because he won't wear pink

I cancelled a date to see Barbie because my boyfriend won’t wear pink – but people say I’m dramatic and immature

  • The woman said on US forum Reddit that she wanted her boyfriend’s ‘support’
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A woman has gone to the lengths of cancelling a Barbie movie date with her boyfriend because he refused to wear pink.

The anonymous woman, who sought advice on US social forum Reddit because she’d been ‘looking forward’ to the movie for ‘so long’, said a plea for her partner to wear a ‘pink shirt’ in honor of the famous doll fell on deaf ears.

The 22-year-old felt betrayed by his lack of ‘support’, which in turn foiled her plans ‘to make a whole event out of it’ by taking pictures of the coordinating outfits.

She was further upset by his behavior, because as all her ‘friends’ boyfriends did it’, and said that taking part would ‘show that he cares and supports me’, but her boyfriend, 27, felt his attendance at the movie was more than enough.

The woman asked the forum if she was being unreasonable for cancelling the date, and was promptly told to ‘get real’ because he is ‘not Ken’.

An anonymous woman has taken to US social forum Reddit to reveal that she cancelled a Barbie movie date with her boyfriend because he refused to wear pink (stock image)

Posting to Reddit’s Am I the A**hole forum, she explained: ‘The Barbie movie means a lot to me, I’ve been looking forward to this movie for so long.

‘I’ve asked my boyfriend to go to the cinema with me, both dressed in pink. It would show that he supports me, and it’d just be fun.

‘He agreed to watch the movie with me, but not in pink. 

‘I told him wearing pink is minimum effort, he says minimum effort is him coming along to the movie’.

The woman went on to explain her distress by adding that even her own dad and brother would attend the movie in pink.

Although frustrated by the situation, she sought to know if she was indeed ‘the a**hole’ in this situation.

She continued: ‘I wanted to make a whole event out of it, take pictures at the booth etc. The pictures would be for our eyes only, not social media.

‘We’ve decided to cancel the date since the mood is already ruined. Despite what the title says, we’ve made this decision together’.

The woman asked Reddit’s ‘Am I the A**hole’ forum if she was being unreasonable for cancelling the date, to which users told her to ‘get real’ because he was ‘not Ken’

She later revisited the post to add that she was ‘not asking for a lot here’ and a simple pink shirt or anything similar would’ve sufficed.

‘If my boyfriend would ask me to wear those hats worn in Oppenheimer to the cinema, I would do it in a heartbeat’ she said.

The post has wracked up nearly 8000 comments in under 24 hours, with people taking sides between the embattled couple.

One person wrote: ‘Cares and supports her over a Barbie movie? This girl needs to get real’.

Meanwhile another person branded the woman ‘dramatic’ and ‘immature’: ‘I would really encourage you to ask yourself why the demonstration of his love and care for you is wearing the colour pink to a movie he’s already going to solely for you.

However, some people were supportive and said that the young woman just wanted to enjoy being part of the Barbie hype

‘Does he not show you he cares in any other way so you’re grasping at straws to prove his love in some way? 

‘Are you being unnecessarily dramatic and immature and attaching some meaning to this action that there doesn’t need to be?’

‘He’s not Ken’ added someone else. ‘He’s not your accessory and he doesn’t have to match you.

‘Some people just aren’t into dressing up. It’s a bummer but ultimately you are the a**hole’.

However one person sided with the poster’s boyfriend. Deciding to ‘go against the grain’, they added: ‘Wearing a pink shirt isn’t going to kill him. And people acting like it is weird. It’s not a huge ask. Not the a*****e’.

‘It’s reasonable to want to take cute couples pics with your boyfriend when you see all your friends’ boyfriends doing it,’ another said.

‘Like I get that it’s a first world problem but 22-year-olds with easy lives can have feelings too.’

Another cited the huge hype around the Barbie film, saying the young woman just wants to have a ‘cute date’ and be part of the craze and there’s nothing wrong with that.  



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