Hugh Hefner paid for playmates boob jobs and gave them £750 a week, ex claims

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A former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner has opened up about the amount of money she received while living with the Playboy tycoon at his lavish LA mansion.

Izabella St James met Hefner while studying law in California, and eventually became one of the entrepreneur’s most prominent girlfriends.

After leaving the mansion in 2004, the model authored a book about her experiences, and has also admitted that some new recruits were left in tears by Hefner’s antics in public.

And, in an interview with Howard Stern in 2006, Izabella was asked to spill the beans on how her Playboy lifestyle was funded while she dated Hefner.

“You get $1,000 (roughly £750) a week for your allowance, cash,” she replied.

Izabella also described some of the extra perks of living with Hefner, noting: “Well you go and choose a car that you want, he puts $10,000 (£7,600) down on it and he pays for it, and insurance on it while you live there.

“Any time we went to the Grammys or Emmys or any parties like that he would give us $2,000 (about £1,500) for an outfit to wear.”

It was also well known that Hefner would give housemates a clothing allowance to enable girls to constantly refresh their wardrobes, but Izabella admitted that this was phased out by the time she left the Mansion in 2004.

“At the end of my stay there he stopped doing it, which was odd,” she remembered. “I would go to the Grammys of course we want to look good, we’re going to be on the red carpet, and he just stopped doing it.”

Izabella admitted that a number of other perks remained, acknowledging: “Everything is taken care of, medical and dental, he paid for everything.”

Hefner also had an account at a high-end salon, where women could get a haircut paid for by his tab, and, despite appearing to remove the clothing allowance, Izabella said that Hef remained happy to pay for plastic surgery.

“I had my nose shortened a little bit, but not a major surgery, and he does pay for the breast surgery for the breast implants,” she explained.

The model stressed that Hefner had not insisted on playmates getting a boob job, but admitted that it seemed “normal” at the mansion for women to get an upgrade.

After Hefner’s death in 2017, the Playboy Mansion was sold and converted into apartments, and Izabella claimed that it was not as lavish as it appeared during her stay.

“It was surprisingly shabby,” she recalled. “Every single piece of furniture was mismatched and run down and not taken care of.”

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