'Housewives' Alum Lisa Vanderpump Gets Hit With Another Lawsuit

Lisa Vanderpump might not be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anymore, but the drama continues to follow her. The Vanderpump Rules producer just got hit with a new lawsuit from a former SUR employee. This class-action lawsuit alleges that Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd didn’t pay their fair wages.

According to E! News, Olivia Beverly Hanson alleges that Vanderpump and Todd didn’t pay their SURvers “minimum and overtime wages, provide proper meal and rest breaks, provide accurate wage statements or provide workers with pay stubs at the end of their employment.”

The lawsuit was filed on July 31 by Hanson and on behalf of other employees at the time. Hanson notes that she worked at the establishment made popular by the Bravo reality show between October 2019 and January 2020.

It was at the beginning of this year that another lawsuit was filed with similar claims.

Lisa Vanderpump closes restaurant

The new lawsuit from a former employee comes weeks after Vanderpump confirmed the closure of her restaurant Villa Blanca. With the pandemic, Vanderpump shut down all her establishments and have remained closed since, and allegedly not offering take out as many other restaurants have.

“Although there have been many untrue articles in the past week or so about the reasons for closing Villa Blanca, we are indeed going to be closing up our doors for good,” she told Daily Mail.

Vanderpump used RHOBH to draw attention to Villa Blanca throughout her run on the reality series. The closure of the establishment comes after 12 years of serving the public. Vanderpump also stated that she remained optimistic of finding another location for the eatery and bar.

“While saying goodbye to the location where we have actively served the Beverly Hills community for 12 years and employed hundreds of Angelenos, is a sad time for us, we are excited to perhaps bring Villa Blanca back in the future at a different location – as its staff and customers have always been a family,” she added.

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Lisa Vanderpump starts a podcast and lands a new spinoff

In the middle of all the negativity, Vanderpump has had a few things to get excited about. The restauranteur confirmed last week that she would be starting a podcast to talk about life in general.

“I have finally started preparing for my own podcast,” she tweeted. “I am excited to connect with you guys on business, design, restaurants, cooking, activism, dogs, ponies, marriage, relations, sex… or lack thereof lol!”

Vanderpump didn’t give a timeline as to when the first episode will be made available online.

Although Vanderpump lost a show after she quit from RHOBH after nine seasons, Peacock just confirmed she was returning with a new spinoff. This time around, it would be based around her “Vanderpump Dogs” establishment.

News of the show becoming official surprised Vanderpump who was not aware NBCUniversal would make the announcement.

“Well good morning… I’ve known about this for months lol…,” Vanderpump tweeted. “[I] thought it was supposed to be secret, but apparently it’s announced!”

No date was given when the Vanderpump Dogs show would start streaming on Peacock.

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