Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for October 27

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Conflict is brewing in the workplace or in a group or committee where you hold some responsibility. It may be up to you to get everyone to work on a compromise. What’s most difficult to understand is why some people always fail to keep their promises. You are starting to realise who you can and cannot trust.


You are more than ready to take a well-earned rest. After all, there’s no point in working if you can’t sit back occasionally and enjoy everything you’ve worked so hard for. If someone offers to do your usual chores for you, you aren’t likely to turn them down. Take pleasure from the beautiful things around you.


Plans, ideas and schemes cause excitement and anticipation. A chance to put some of your ideas to work is a one you hadn’t expected to receive so soon and it is all you can do to keep both feet on the ground.


A youngster in the family would benefit from listening to an elderly relative. Their advice and opinions will be invaluable as the experience of age stems from the impulsiveness of youth. You are hoping they will listen. A close friend’s sense of humour helps keep you smiling.


One or two concerns that crop up today will be better sorted out alone. Even though you might retreat to the background you are not shirking your responsibilities. You know your priorities and you will be attending to these quietly, carefully and efficiently.


As exciting as they might sound, think twice before rushing into a get-rich-quick or other similar scheme. A colleague or client will put an apparently fantastic investment idea your way but taking financial risks is not advisable. Wait a wee while and see what comes along in the future.


A spate of hectic, confused and sometimes even crazy activity will keep you on your toes. In addition to all the work you have to do, a text message will make little sense to you and you will find your mind going over certain words, wondering what they are supposed to imply.


Embarking on a home project will be with the sole intention of improving your living conditions. This should also put a strained domestic relationship back on an even footing when you are very much aware of a housemate’s desire for a more spacious and attractive living space.


A senior colleague who dismissed your ideas in the past as being rubbish will now be in a more receptive mood. Not only will they listen to your plans, they will enthusiastically approve some of your ideas. They may not admit these are more practical and realistic than anything they can come up with.


Take note of the needs of those around you. Someone may be keeping their thoughts to themselves but you will sense there is something on their mind they really need to talk about. Rewards for your thoughtfulness and hard work will come in the form of a small gift or bonus.


You will keep your cool when in the company of someone who is getting all hot and bothered over a trivial incident. Shouting and pouting isn’t likely to get them anywhere and if anything this will only lessen their chances of winning an argument.


You will reluctantly comply when asked to help someone who has run into difficulties with a tricky project. This has happened before and last time you got no thanks for coming to their rescue. This time you will be careful about how much help you actually give.

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