Holly Willoughby and Ashley Roberts get their designer looks for just £10 – and now so can you

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If you’re anything like us and you’re constantly looking for ways you can be more ethical when it comes to your fashion choices, then renting your clothes could be the answer.

We’re all no stranger to going shopping and splashing out on a dress for a special occasion. It usually ends up being worn once and left hanging in the back of our wardrobes. You’d be surprised at the amount we can spend on clothes every month!

So luckily for us there’s been a huge boom in fashion rental companies, such as HURR, By Rotation, BagButler and My Wardrobe HQ just to name a few – loaning gorgeous designer pieces from as little as £10 a day, and it’s not just us that these fashion rentals have caught the attention of, we’ve spotted some celebs that are doing it too.

So now we can all have our Carrie Bradshaw moment without the price tag, and while being environmentally conscious too. It’s a fast fashion fix but ethical too.

HURR Collective

We saw Holly Willoughby earlier this week, sharing a snap of her in her very own stunning designer rented dress, that was on loan from HURR.

This peer to peer rental platform is the first of its kind in the UK. It's a two sided marketplace which allows lenders on one side to make money from their under utilised wardrobes, and on the other side gives renters access to designer pieces for a huge discount compared to their retail price.

By Rotation

Haven’t we all at one point wanted to look like a Royal for a day? Well now you can with fashion rental By Rotation. They offer a stunning array of designer pieces that have been seen on our favourite royals, such as the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle, from just £10 a day.

  • Where you can buy a Kate Middleton-inspired floral face mask for just £5.95

  • The Queen wears pink for first public engagement since March with Prince William


Ashley Roberts has also been no stranger to rocking a rental. The blonde beauty was seen wearing a lilac Chanel bag that she loaned from BagButler.co.uk, the sustainable handbag and jewellery rental company that lets you loan a designer goodie for a week without forking out on a huge price tag.

With the rise in fashion rental companies, it’s the perfect way for us to take our first step in sustainable fashion, whilst saving our pennies along the way.

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