Hidden door in Antarctic spotted on Google Maps where Hitler survived war

A "hidden Nazi door" has been spotted on Google Maps, with users scouring Antarctica and finding the place where Adolf Hitler allegedly fled the war.

The supposed "door" was uncovered by an eagle-eyed Facebook user, who has since shared a screenshot of what they believe is the location of Hitler's hidden post-World War Two bunker.

Conspiracy theorists were quick to jump on the find, with the shadowed square resembling an entryway of some description, hidden in the Antarctic sheets of ice.

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Whether it was the fascist hideaway Google Maps users claim it is to be is unclear, although conspiracy fans believe it could lead to Hitler's final home.

Some suggestions around the survival of Hitler after World War II presented conspiracies of the Austrian-born monster fleeing to Argentina or Antarctica.

The recent discovery of a hidden door has prompted some to believe it is a hidden German base, which could have been built in 1938 during an expedition there to source whale oil.

Popular theories now suggest the door leads to an underground base where the Nazi elite are hiding, but some are more concerned with the extra-terrestrial potential of the find.

Others not taken with the Hitler bunker claim believe there is an "alien door" hidden deep in the Arctic ice, while some believe it could be the elusive Abominable Snowman.

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Theories were scattered across Facebook as users attempted to work out what the odd spot could be, with one user asserting it was a "doorway" which "leads to the one they found on Mars."

Another said: "I've heard there are many bases there [in Antarctica] ranging from out-of-town visitors to deep in the mantle civilizations. Even the Fourth Reich have a large establishment still [there] apparently."

A third joked: "Clearly you've found the home of an Abominable Snowman!"

Conspiracy theorists were in no short supply of what could be happening behind the hidden door, although one person dismissed all theories and said: "Sometimes a hole is just a hole."

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