Hermès FW21 Is a Case Study in Quiet Elegance

Hermès creative director Véronique Nichanian holds the line. Few other luxury brands of similar scale offer the same vision of undiluted opulence, wholly driven by a desire to create versatile essentials of peerless quality. Fall/Winter 2021 is a continuation of that ideal, offering only understated garments manufactured with the finest craftsmanship.

Thoughtful touches bolstered much of the apparel on display, including overshirts finished with leather-trimmed zipper pulls and jackets finished in a a mixed-material technical/fleece hybrid that was as functional as it was cozy. Carrot cut pants and a mix of leather shoes and softly clunky sneakers made for an elegant match, no less sophisticated than the lush leather layering pieces and sleek knitwear, which occasionally sprouted its own fleece panels for extra comfort.

With Hermès, customers know they aren’t getting aggro branding; instead, the loudest items on display are contrast-stitched shirts with tilted pockets, sweaters woven with bold — yet muted — patterns and the occasional print. Indeed, lush wool anoraks and silk shirting occasionally sported a playful madras or illustrative bit of artwork, enlivening the subtle air of opulence that pervaded throughout.

Other luxurious Fall/Winter 2021 collections were recently issued by LOEWE, Wales Bonner and 1017 ALYX 9SM.
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