Health and safety out the window!

Health and safety last! Shocking picture gallery exposes reckless workers who have cut corners – including a VERY dodgy ‘fixed’ lamppost

  • Snaps from entertainment site Aubtu show dangerous photos of workplaces
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The importance of workplace safety cannot be overstated – yet there are always those who prefer to cut corners.

Entertainment site Aubtu has rounded up a collection of hilarious – and worrisome – photos from around the world.

The snaps include a man climbing a very precarious ladder, and a fire exit leading through a hazardous zone.

They also show many lorries containing goods that could easily fall and spill into a road.

Some are quick make-do-and-mends, such as a towering lamp post held together with masking tape.

Clearly the men think this high-up dare devil work is acceptable as they re both wearing hi-vis jackets 

Others are very comical with work clearly done on the cheap, such as an electricity cable sagging over a road and being held up by a large twig.

Meanwhile, another daredevil worker seems to be setting themselves up for a fall – by sawing a plank of wood that they are standing on.

And if you’re going to be behind the wheel of a lorry anytime soon, maybe take notes from this driver and make sure to actually secure the items before you set off.

While they may be funny, this collection from Femail also serves as a guide of what not to do when trying to get work done. 

As every hard-up person will attest, there’s not much that can’t be fixed and mended without the use of duct tape  

This emergency fire exit was reportedly zip-tied shut after thieves kept using it – but it can no longer be called an emergency exit  

This person seems to be setting themselves up for a fall – by sawing a plank of wood that they are standing on

Sensible loading? This lorry driver clearly didn’t care that the panels on the back could fly off at any moment

The AC unit of Damocles: The unit is perched on the edge, clearly threatening to topple over at any moment 

How not to hang a sign: This traffic light needs a new sign above it – yet it is not being hung with safety in mind

Precarious position: This ladder is situated at a dangerous point – highly likely to slip off and fall down the stairs 

Exit through the danger zone: This sign encourages people to exit the building through a possible cancer hazard area 

Thin ledges: This man was spotted painting on a thin ledge high up. Just don’t step back and you’ll be fine!

When a fire starts, you just want to know where the nearest fire extinguisher is, but in this case there are two options 

It’s important to use the correct jack when you are lifting up a lorry, or you can just lay down a pile of bricks and hope for the best  

In case you are thinking of jumping in a lift, make sure you read this sign and will warn you against it 

Electricity cables are usually held up with stable infrastructure, yet this one relies on a pole, marked by a cone 

Loose material should be contained in a solid structure with four sides, but this can side out at any moment

This fire exit should be easily accessible – yet for some reason it has been padlocked closed to stop exit 

If you are going to carry a pane of glass through busy streets, this is surely the way to do it – on the back of a moped 

This make-shift scaffolding hangs precariously between a landing and a thin shelf – good luck to those who walk on it

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