Have You Unlocked *Wiggles Eyebrow* All of Cosmo Yet?

Consider this your formal invitation to join Cosmo Unlocked, our fancy-shmancy membership club.

Yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking—you already have a gazillion subscriptions, your groupchat is constantly blowing up, you’re hopelessly behind on your Netflix queue, do you really need another thing?

The short answer: Absolutely. Joining Cosmo Unlocked is the best/fastest/easiest/cutest way to get first dibs on every single cool thing we’re working on.

The long answer: Listen, just $20 a year (a mere fraction of your chicken nugget budget, be honest!) will get you…

If you want to deal with the hassle of renewing your subscription every 30-ish days (yeah, me neither), you can opt to pay $3 a month for unlimited access to all the Cosmopolitan.com content your eyeballs can handle, plus exclusive bonus stories.

We know what you’re thinking: The annual option is def the better deal. Not only is it $16 cheaper, but you only have to sign up once.

Last lil ol’ thing we’ll mention: Our extremely VIP shopping hotline. Once you join Cosmo Unlocked, our team of shopping wizards will just be a click away, ready to share bougie product recommendations that fit your specific budget.

And *said in our best informercial voice* for a limited time, you’ll get a 60-day free trial to All Out Studio—home to hundreds of butt-kicking at-home workout videos—with your Cosmo Unlocked membership.

So join our ~elite squad~ today: Unlock Cosmo

If you don’t want to unlock Cosmo, that’s fine. You’ll still be able to get your Cosmo fix and read four stories online a month. But, like, we’d be lying if we said you *wouldn’t* be missing out. Here are some of the juicy reads that come with your membership:

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get for free?

If you aren’t a member, you can still read four Cosmopolitan.com articles a month before we hit you up for a million dollars $3/month.

Why am I completely blocked from reading certain Cosmo stories now?

Sounds like you’re trying to read a story exclusive to Cosmo Unlocked. In order to access that juicy content, you gotta become a member.

What’s the difference between ~unlocking it all~ and unlocking the website?

If you choose to unlock it all ($20/year), you only have to pay one time to get unlimited access to everything on the website (including exclusive stories), plus nine issues of the mag, special deals on cool merch and invitations to insider events. Unlocking the website will give you—you guessed it!—access to everything on this website, including exclusive content, for one month.

Cool, but can I only subscribe to the mag?

Of course. But if you want the full experience—as in, un-lim-it-ed access to Cosmopolitan.com, plus members-only stories and the members-only newsletter—you need to sign up for Cosmo Unlocked.

Okay, but what if I already subscribe to the mag?

Thanks for being a subscriber, cutie! But the membership program requires a separate subscription ’cause of all the juicy bonus stuff that comes with it. Feel free to sign up here for the annual option, which includes another year of the print mag, or the monthly digital-only option.

Where can I read all of the Cosmo Unlocked stories?

Right here, bb. But if you’re not a member yet, you need to sign up.

Can I sign up if I live outside the U.S.?

Both annual options are available to U.S. and Canada residents only, but anyone with a U.S.-currency based credit card (Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover) can subscribe to the monthly digital-only option.

I need to talk to customer service. Can you help?

We gotchu. You can reach a customer service rep via [email protected] Our team is ready to resolve tech issues and assist in helping you upgrade or cancel your membership at any time.

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