Halebop Unveils Exclusive Sneaker Collaboration With theheyyman

Off the back of successful collaborations with artists and streetwear brands to produce limited-edition skate decks and hoodies, Swedish telecom brand Halebop links up with LA-based sneaker designer Nicholas Avery to create a unique pair of sneakers as part of “The World’s Most Expensive Subscription*.”


Also known as ‘theheyyman’, the designer experiments with premium Italian leather, custom embossing and color-dying techniques to harmonize the telco’s distinctive color palette. The one-of-a-kind Air Jordan 1 also features all-over print lining, interchangeable swooshes and Halebop artwork on the outsoles, channeling the brand’s playful personality with hints of luxury.

However, getting your hands on a pair might be difficult. Only eleven sneakers have been produced for the collaboration and will be exclusive for residents of Sweden. The sneakers are part of a subscription package that comes with Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold2 and a Halebop subscription with a 100GB data plan. Releasing in October, the eleven people who manage to get a hold of the limited package will be rewarded with a special collector’s box.

If you live in Sweden and want to try your luck at subscribing to the sneaker deal, it will soon be available at Halebop’s website. Stay tuned
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